wow-cs5-panos actions-adams apple boys

Sawadee Khrap

Great eye candy coming up – better yet if you visit Chiang Mai and Adam’s Apple Club you can meet them in person.

Using the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 and some PanosFX actions (free of course) I am making up a gallery of the go-go boys [and girls] at the club – when finished you’ll be able to see them at the club web page.

Here’s a couple of  examples of the opening page images:


Clicking on each image will open a gallery of their photos – we’re starting off by highlighting 33 boys with 4-6 shots in each of their galleries – and of course a small bio — Hope it will be a good way to introduce you to the amazing boys working at the club.

I’m using the PanosFX button action then applying an embossing style – quick and easy to use -  Should have it done next week – but no promises.