Doi Angkhang trip–Day 3 Mae Teang

Sawadee Khrap

I think the most miserable and also the best part of our trip was staying here at Chiang Dao Hut & Kitchen.

DSC02518DSC02685As I pointed out in the last post we stayed at the “White House” – but it was very cold and damp, hard to sleep, but we were really rewarded with a amazing view in the morning – no fog and such a wonderful place. DSC02708DSC02718  Truly worth the stop – we caught a quick breakfast here but I insisted on a western place for lunch, very tired of Thai food all day.  So off we went to Mae Teang and the elephants.  On the way we passed some monks doing their morning walk for alms.  And finally at Mae Teang  we stopped at the first major resort we came across – Sibsan Resort & Spa – 5 star – as posted on the internet.  It’s an amazing place but definitely 5 star with the prices to go with it.   We had the buffet lunch (total 1,400 baht) which was good but not exceptional, but the grounds were emulate, service exceptional, and loaded with guests. A very cute driver drove us from the parking lot to the main hall for lunch – in fact all the guys were very cute and handsome – great eye candy.  After lunch we headed up the main road to the elephant camps and the rapids area.  Not enough water to really take a “white water” raft ride down but still very picturesque. And both of us had already been to the elephant camps before so that didn’t spark a need to stop and check them out.

    The slideshow is in order and takes you through the day.  

Now that the main images have been posted I intend to go back and choose some of the most sticking of them to do Photoshop work on.