“Recover My Files” – – LifeSaver

Sawadee Khrap

Here is a lifesaver of a program – make sure you buy a copy and be prepared for emergencies –RecoverMyFiles I just had a catastrophic disk and computer failure – lost almost everything – but with “Recover” I was able to recover all my files.  Great program.

My system suddenly converted my partitioned drives to “RAW” – unreadable by Win 7 – booted up and could not read the drives – 2T of information lost.   Maybe a power failure, spike, motherboard problem – who knows – but it sure fucked up my system.

My computer was 5 years old and starting to have problems so I had to buy another – now I have a Intel i5- Ivy Bridge,  8GB RAM, 2 new 1TB drives and reinstalled Win7 (still have to call Microsoft to get it activated – hope I don’t have problems there) and used “Recover” to get the data from the old drives.  Worked like a champ.

Get this program for your safety and peace of mind.