Nu’s friends at Srithana College

Sawadee Khrap


Cell phone picture Nu took of his school friends at Srithana College. Not bad for a small camera.

Starting Upper left row

Rat, Kattalin, Gus

Som, Jame, Net, Meow, Nu

and Mac in back


 Front row – Jane, Mos, Lek, Guilsa, Nitning, Pa

Tomorrow we have to get up about 4 AM so I can take him to Wat SeSota at the start of the hill to Doi Suthep.  The entire school will walk up the mountain to Doi Suthep Temple.  A Buddhist merit making activity.  They will have school excerises along the way too.  Not too sure what these will be like.  Nu will have some shots tomorrow while on the walk.

We also are looking forward to a Beauty Contest sometime next month – they will have a Girl, Ladyboy and Boy section.  They cover all three genders.  Nu will have the same lady that did his Lanna dress-up but the theme will be different – Cinderella theme I think he mentioned.   The parents will also be invited to the show and I will go and get some shots – this should be interesting.   Stay tuned.

Notice in the shot above there are 8 ladyboys, and straight Mac sitting in the back – their ninth ladyboy friend named “Oil” isn’t in the shot.  This also shows what the ratio is at the school – BEST CHEERLEADERS, VOLLEY BALL and Beauty Contest school in Thailand.  But what did you expect !!!!