Medical Update

Sawadee Khrap

As of today my blood pressure is somewhat stable around 140/80.    I’m back to walking 3/4 mile a day, up and down the parking lot, at leased one time a day.  Reduced HBP meds to 40mg Mircardis (Telmisartan) each afternoon and 1/8 to 1/4  of 40mg Furetic, a diuretic when BP is over 155.    Each evening I also take 0.4mg Tamsulosin, after dinner, for BHP or enlarged Prostrate, which by the way also lowers BP.  Not a lot of meds now.  Most of the induced Parkinson’s signs are going away.   I bought a nebulizer and will try Hydrogen Peroxide vapor to clear phlegm and possibly viruses in nose and throat..

But I think the major change was the elimination of the laundry soap and the change to getting my drinking water in glass bottles and NO MORE PLASTIC. The brightener chemicals in the soap and leached chemicals from the plastic bottles were raising hell with my system and not allowing BP control –  Once they were gone my BP began to come down and stabilize.

P.S.   I did get a single jab of Pfizer vaccine but am on a Ivermectin , Vitamin  D3, Zine and Vitamin  C protocol for the Covid.19.    It would appear, here in Thailand, the crisis is ending and the country will try to reopen in November.

Will post again on progress.


God blesses       Christ Blesses          I NEED ONLY FORGIVE and BLESS

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