And now from Berlin – Kit Kat Club

Sawadee Khrap

Just got a email from my friend “Max” in Berlin.  Max visits Chiang Mai every year for about 3–4 months at a time and then returns to Germany.  He is a free-lance writer and photographer for several Gay MAG s in Germany.

KopfbildBut, this email tells about a new place he went to and had a fabulous time.  The Kit Kat Club  , Berlin.  Now here’s a club you don’t want to miss when in Berlin, as Max says “ Mostly 2 people start somewhere and than other people join in and a small group will continue, what ever they like.–action on the dance floor, rooms, girls, boys, anything you desire and patrons 20–60.  Lady-boys, Thai-s, Japanese – you name it they were there, a group or just enjoying themselves “ – I’ll leave everything up to your imagination as to how  Max described it.  But it was HOT, FAST, OPEN and completely inhibited.

Next time in Berlin – stop by for a quickie.  Thanks Max  see you when you come back to Chiang Mai again.