Hooker Story

Sawadee Khrap

Haven’t posted lately and Kevin sent me this good story – so I thought I would share:

A guy is walking along Pattaya Beach and a fantastic-looking hooker catches his eye. He strikes up a conversation and eventually asks the hooker: "How much do you charge?"   The Hooker replies: "It starts at 1500 Baht for a hand-job."

The guy says: "At today’s rates that’s $50 dollars? For a hand-job? Holy crap! No hand-job is worth that kind of money!"   The hooker says: "Do you see that Bar on the corner?"   "Yes"   "Do you see the Bar about a block further down?"   "Yes"  "And beyond that, do you see that third Bar?"  "Yes"   "Well," says the hooker, smiling invitingly, "I own those and I own them because I give a hand-job that’s worth 1500 Baht."

So the guy says, "What the hell? You only live once. I’ll give it a try."  They retire to a nearby motel. A short time later, the guy is sitting on the bed realizing that he has just experienced the hand-job of a lifetime, worth every bit of $50. He is so amazed, he says, "I suppose a blow-job is $100 ?"

The hooker replies, "6,000 Baht."   "I wouldn’t pay that for a blow-job!"  The hooker replies, "Step over here to the window, big boy. Do you see that Shopping Center just across the street? I own that building outright and I own it because I give a blow-job that’s worth every bit of 6,000 Baht …"  The guy, basking in the afterglow of that terrific hand-job, decides to put off the new car for another year or so and says: "Sign me up."

Ten minutes later, he is sitting on the bed more amazed than before. He can scarcely believe it but he feels he truly got his money’s worth. He decides to dip into the retirement savings for one glorious and unforgettable experience.

He asks the hooker: "How much for some pussy?"  The hooker says: "Come over here to the window, I want to show you something. Do you see how the whole city of Pattaya is laid out before us: all those beautiful lights, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, and shows?"

"Damn!" the guy says, in awe, "You own the whole city?"   "No" the hooker replies "but I would… if I had a pussy."

Of course I had to add a little embellishment for Pattaya.