Grande Caribbean Resort Construction

_MG_9348I am documenting the construction of the Grande Caribbean Resort, just up the street from me – here’s a view from my balcony.  This morning I wanted to get some shots of the crane operators._MG_9331_MG_9308   What a job and getting to work is a bitch, at least for me it would be, having to climb up every morning would not be my cup of tea._MG_9335_MG_9315-2_MG_9346 But these guys climb up, look around and check out the equipment every day – sitting in that little box all day and having to climbing down for lunch and then back up afterward – I’d look for a ground job. Angry smile

CAN YOU IMAGINE this happening in the States – about 2 hr. after I shot the above photos – it started raining – these guys are still up there._MG_9354_MG_9352    Wouldn’t you like to be in their Union – great support for their safety.  Working here is hard, long hours and little benefits – and many times very, very dangerous.  Lightning last night and early morning – thank God not now.