Jomtien update

Sawadee Khrap

For those of you who have been to Jomtien within the last year and a half – remember the holes in the sidewalks – well something is being done about them finally.20141001_10134120141001_101439

Theses are shots from standing in front of the “Sketch Café” looking both directions – apparently they will be finished soon – wires are still overhead but I guess you have to start somewhere – so I suppose in late 2015 or 2016 we can expect that they should be underground –  Moving on to Jomtien Complex  – I took a shot of the new 20141001_101908“Boy GaGa” and as you can see “X-man” next door is no longer around – many other changes but I didn’t get photos yesterday , I was just walking to the bank and snapped these quick shots.  I’m going to have to go down and document  the whole area and the venues there now.  Maybe some nights shots too.

If you go to the beach – Jomtien Dongtan Beach  – you will see that the chairs have been moved back a little – not as far as I think they should be – but at least a move in the right direction. – More area to walk up and down the beach without getting in the water.  There have been threats of the Army coming in and fixing the situation if the vendors don’t conform to the allotted spaces – but they are still playing the defiant role and I guess just waiting to see if the Military is going to have to remove them – which they will – only time will tell here.