Pictures for our wall

Sawadee Khrap

Just getting ready to send some images to the printer and then have them mounted for our hall way.  Thought I’d post them.  Hope you enjoy.



These were taken at the Shan Refugee Camp I showed in a earlier post.

Here are some survivors – and great expressions

Next is Nu’s picture – Lanna Dress –  he only liked 2 of the shots I took that day – he will be in the Gay Pride Parade so I’ll have more shots later.


And what I think is a great shot – actually I put in the fellow in the front of Tin’s photo, I thought it needed something to really perk it up – that’s Chris – he did some photos with me before I left the States.

Makes a nice shot better – don’t you think so too.

And finally a couple from my trip[ to China, several years ago just for fillers.



I thought these were good so I want to hang them too.


What do you think – I’ll take some shots of the house when I get all our pictures hung – and I will also have the studio hung with our photos.  Still working on the photo studio – but it’s last on my list of needed things to do – first the house then the studio.  Sorry but many more boy shots will have to wait.  I will try, however, to develop some techniques and use photos I already have to make some tasteful nude images soon – stay tuned.