A Saint Must Walk Alone.

Sawadee Khrap

lonelyI am sure we have all experienced these feelings one time or another.   It’s nice to know we are not alone. 

YouTube video – The Saint Must Walk Alone – A. W. Tozer / Classic Christian Audio Books

A ‘saint’ is merely one who walks the path,  designated by God and Christ,  for Redemption, first for themselves and then for the world.   A world where we believe we are born into separate and unique egoic bodies, desperately seeking to re-establish a universal desire of darknightfullness or completion, or Oneness with our Creator.  

A saintly path of trying to be IN the world but not OF the world, as instructed by Jesus.

This also reminds me of this YouTube video “The Dark Night of the Soul”   and for a more complete  spiritually detailed explanation see   St. John of the Cross’s original writing of “The Dark Night of the Soul  (Audiobook)”.

God Blesses   Christ Blesses    I Bless