Extabit– Great Service

Sawadee Khrap

It’s not very often that I want to promote a paid subscription account  BUT  EXTABIT  File Storage Site is an exception.  I joined as a Premium Account Member and everything started out OK – but shortly after my u-d/l speed dropped to almost NIL – I sent them a request for service and this was their reply:

The UL/DL speed is slow due to the Extabit.com popularity growth . The whole team is working hard on improving the situation.  We are very sorry for all the inconveniences caused and as compensation we  offer you 1 month of free premium account usage (if it’s ok with you, then let us know)

And by God, a few days later I was back up to speed – now that’s service and looking after your customers.  Check them out.


Chiang Mai special events Newsletters

Sawadee Khrap

Well I’m on the subject –  Paul Schoenkopf and Sarawut (Nop) Sriwichai  send out two newsletters on a regular basis that should be included in your favorite links for Chiang Mai happenings.

fasgroup@hotmail.com            Schedule of Performing Arts

gay-movies@hotmail.com        Private Gay Theme Film Festival

send a email with “subscribe” in the subject and become a member

And Paul also has a “Sunday Funnies” newsletter and the “Dining Out Group”  – I don’t have the email addresses right now but ask when you subscribe above – takes the edge off the week –


Thanks for the support

Sawadee Khrap

Planning on coming to Thailand, living here, bored, looking for something to do or where to go – check out these websites:




Thanks Fellas for the nice comments and links to my Blog – I really appreciate it.   I don’t know of better places to see what’s going on in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, BKK and Phuket then the listings and commentary on gay happenings  that these two sites follow around the area.  Keep up the good work – lot of territory to cover.


Alcazar – Pattaya 2012

Sawadee Khrap

Went to see Alcazar Cabaret show last night – 600 Baht  2 hour show.  _MG_1994The place was packed but Dana managed to get us great seats exactly in the middle of the audience.  I sat on the row end so had a great view point.  Here is a

***** SLIDESHOW *****

If you click on the slideshow – be patient -  It contains 174 photos so it will take a long time to view.



NOTE:      But I do have to tell you that I believe the “Venue” in Jontiem Complex is a much better money value.  This show was a hour long and had a huge stage and many performers – yet the Venue with a stage 1/6th the size and half the dancers puts on a two-hour show every night – changing every week and it will only set you back the price of a drink – water  120 Baht.     To me that’s a much better buy and the performances are just as professional.

But don’t get me wrong,  I also think you should go to see the Alcazar show too – just for the splendor and shear size and color, lighting and sound  -  truly amazing.


Galaxy S2 camera

Sawadee Khrap

Just down to the beach yesterday and ran into this cute little fella.  


Quite a surprise wouldn’t you say – but what a nice shot using the camera on my new phone – Galaxy S2 – love it – but a trip to the beach to shoot bugs doesn’t sound very exciting – so here is another shot from the same location .JontiemBeachBoys       Thought you’d like this photo better – but just a quick look, you have to come to the beach yourself to capture the full view.   Going to Alcazar cabaret show tonight, and taking the D7  – so I should have some good shots to show you tomorrow – so far I can’t find their URL – but should have it later and some photos.


Sad but true

Sawadee Khrap

Just checking my facebook – that’s about once a month – and see that Oody in CMX posted this great image:Gay-Man


You just have to go to the beach to prove this fact – McDonalds is alive and kicking in Asia and spandex is fashion – sad but true.