Large image copies available ???

Sawadee Khrap

Several have asked if they can get larger size images suitable for printing.  All of the models have approved the posting of small JPG images, however larger versions (files or printed) could be made available upon request.  I am sure many of the boys would consider releasing 8×12 or larger versions on a case by case basis.  Poster size prints could also be made.  

Many of the models are hard to contact and I don’t have all of their emails, but sending me a private note using  “Contact US”  from the blog, and you explain what you are looking for, I can contact them and seek their approval and what, if any, charge they would consider.  I am sure they would be flattered.

I also let them know any and all comments you make and will give them your email address if you would like to contact them directly.

Sooooo   Let me know in a comment and I’ll pass it on.


new Model – Ink

Sawadee Khrap

Introducing “Ink”   Maybe you’ve seen him around  Jontiem Beach ! Great model and super nice guy.





I have been toying with the idea of putting a password-protected area around many of the images I post, making them available only to those who post comments – but the last post of Tom’s photos drew 5 comments so I will not burden you guys with this inconvenience – but please try to post comments so I know someone cares and wants to see more of the great local Pattaya young men.  That’s my inspiration – beyond the boys that is.