Miss Tiffany’s 2008 Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

Pic1Both Nu and I feel bad that we had to miss the Miss Tiffany Universe 2008 in Pattaya this last week.  First the 30 finalists then the winner.  Nong Noeng won the event and here is the article in the Pattaya Daily News

Nu is insisting that he try to go as a contestant in 2009 – I do think his Lanna dress up would have put him in the top 30 – maybe win.  But school time now and maybe, maybe in 2010.

Ah yes, it’s school time now – we just got back from the parent-student info day at Srithana College and he’s ready to start Monday.  All morning, information for the student on what will be expected – no drugs, fighting, alcohol.  The police even run surprise pee checks and searches.  They stated that lying, stealing or fighting will be cause for dismissal, even after school hours they need to conduct themselves as representatives of the College and to hold high standards.  Three genders, male, female and ladyboy —– and what a group. Most of the boys are gay or ladyboys – very few straight.  Cheerleaders, volleyball and beauty contests – the main events, but what else would you expect.  All in Thai so I was really bored at the speeches but it did give me a lot of time to look around and I whispered to Nu he will needed to make a lot of friends and invite some over  –hopefully to model —–