Teaching Update – possible malaria

Sawadee Khrap

Just had to stop any volunteer plans until the Mayor of Chiang Mai can obtain a written authorization from the Immigration Dept that it’s OK for us farangs on Retirement Visas.  I really can see their point in protecting Thai’s jobs that would be easy for retired farangs to exploit.  The educational differences would not give the Thai work force a chance to compete. But they are really missing out on some great talent that’s just lying around – or sitting  ha ha

It’s great what Khun Boong is doing with the Chiang Mai Friends Group in trying to get this potential noticed and create a path for volunteerism with the City.  The Mayor is newly elected and very progressive – past Mayors didn’t seem to care – Thai as usual – maybe now things will change.

Anyway – I have more free time now – still many things to do so I am not bored.

Ohhhhh Ya, just took Nu to the hospital yesterday, he had all the symptoms of malaria – just a case of food poisoning.  It’s frightening they can be so similar in the early stages.  But the hospital visit, blood test and medicine was 400 Baht, $12.50 US — So you can’t afford not to go to the hospital to make sure.   Crisis over.



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  1. Whew!!! I think you’ve had your trio of events don’t you think? Very happy it was not Malaria.

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