Rain, Rain – but no excuse

Sawadee Khrap

I think rainy season has begun, cooler nights and intermittent rain.  It’s been a little muggy lately because of the change in seasons and the temperatures are still high – but the cooler nights are really welcome.  It really began with the passing of the cyclone that hit Burma – we got the after effects.

Still working on the computer – had to reload it again, program conflicts.  Seems to work now – only time will tell – dual monitors, TV connected – ready to dive into producing DVD’s.   After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas,  Sony Architect Studio and ACID – complete developing tools.  Now the learning curve begins.   I have also agreed to tape some interviews of children for our neighbor who is running a HIV-child help program – he’s setting up the web pages now and I’ll post more about it in the future.  

We are planning another trip to visit Jerry in Nan and I will post some new shots of the trip. 

Nu’s classes at Srithana will begin on June 2nd, and he’s just finishing up the 4th class in English at the YMCA – #1 in his class throughout – We are starting to do a little mentoring here at home for algebra, physics, etc and we got a white-board so we can practice.  Don’t expect him to be #1 in the Srithana classes but we will give him every chance to do so.

Just a catchup ——– Ohhhhh ya, my friend Michael just got back from his visit to Malaysia and Vichar — check out his blog.   MyThaiBoo

and David had his interview with Peter Pan — check it out too.