Brass Monkey

Sawadee Khrap

I just got a email from Jerry – Jerry was a seaman before he retired and therefore knows a plethera of sea related facts.  But, Here’s one he sent that apparently even he didn’t know:


 It was necessary to  keep a good supply of cannon balls near the cannon on old war ships.   

 But how to prevent them from rolling about the deck was the problem.   

 The best storage method devised was to stack them as a square based pyramid,  

 with one ball on top, resting on four, resting on nine, which rested on sixteen.

Thus, a supply of 30 cannon balls could be  stacked in a small area right next to the cannon.  

 There was only one  problem — how to prevent the bottom layer from sliding/rolling from under the others.

 The solution was a metal plate with 16 round  indentations, called, for reasons unknown, a Monkey.  

 But if this plate  were made of iron, the iron balls would quickly rust to it.  

 The  solution to the rusting problem was to make them of brass – hence,  Brass Monkeys.

 Few landlubbers realize that brass contracts much  more and much faster than iron when chilled.   

 Consequently, when  the temperature dropped too far,  

 the brass indentations would shrink so much that the iron cannon balls would come right off the monkey.

Thus, it was quite literally, cold enough to freeze the  balls off a brass monkey.  

 And all this time, you thought that was just  a vulgar expression, didn’t you? 


Thanks Jerry –




Nu’s outfit – Gay Pride Chiang Mai 2009

Sawadee Khrap

We started out in the afternoon getting ready for a great evening – Gay Pride and all – BUT  !!!!!!   I’ll post about that next  –


Here are some shots of Nu as he got ready for the event and parade.   “Thor”, Owner of “Lanna House” – rental shop, did a wonderful job of makeup and dress.  Nu wore a gold Ayutthaya (not Lanna style) style Thai dress and complemented with several purple orchids in his hairdo.

Stunning don’t you think?

I really like the simple and natural look – These are a couple of my favorites:



What do you think – 


We arrived at the event area about 4:30 ish and waited for the parade setup to be announced.  

Some people had already gathered and the event appeared to start off a great success.   Our friend “Bird” and his crew was there in full

_MG_4117_MG_4124 costume. He had prepared a balloon truck  and was getting ready for a great time too.  Of note was the number of policemen there – there had been rumors that a group would be trying to spoil the event.









Problems, problems, problems – what a disappointment – no parade, disrupted by the “Red Shirt Gang” supposedly protesting against gays – God, what a joke. 

But this was to be Nu’s day and so I do not want to dirty this post with problems.  I’ll leave you with a night shot by the Chiang Mai moat and water fountains.
















Ciao    —–     Celebrate with Pride.

Flowers at Bhubing Palace

Sawadee Khrap

BhubingPalaceFlowersJust got back from a short trip to Bhubing Palace – just up the next mountain Doi Buak Ha, next to Doi Suthep.  About 20 Km from our house. 

This is the Royal family’s winter residence while they are in Chiang Mai. First built in 1961 and then enlarged to present size, it has homes for State visitors and each of the Royals.


Nu went to get some footage  (video) so he could use it for backgrounds and to use as a learning tool.  I got some good shots that I can turn into some great title and other backgrounds.  I love this shot of a gold sign with a great reflection – so I just put it here – the rest are shots of flowers – the palace is in full bloom now.


Please enjoy the

 ——– SlideShow ——-

Each year since I have been here I have made trips to the palace and have a good collection of shots – I will try to make a slide show or video using photos from each time and show what the place looks like – maybe a video walk through. 

 The “Celestial Waters” reservoir has a magnificent water fountain display – especially at night – I’ll try to get this done soon but I can make no promisses – after all I am retired –

Here’s the brochure they give for your visit – we did a walk through – about 2–3 hr to see it all.  They also have golf carts available at 300 Baht (with driver/guide) that’s about $10 US – but I needed the exercise.

It’s for sure don’t miss seeing the Palace – full day trip – morning visit the Palace and then in the afternoon stop by Wat Doi Suthep on the way back.  Amazing !!!















No condom, massage then concert

Need to explain this, Today we went to shoot the “Fancy Condom Contest” at the Shopping Center – A Pride Event – but could not find it – walked throughout the Center  – no where to be found.  The Information desk says it’s being held on the 5th floor, the announcement says the 3rd floor – we didn’t find it on any floor.  Bummer !!!

So we headed out and settled for a massage ;  Damn there goes our budget.

Afterwards, we went to a great small restaurant at Huay Tung Tao Reservoir – a local lake – for a quick dinner and relaxing time

before we went to the Payap University Campus close to our house

for a Musical Concert by the students.  “Jazz in the Park”    Every Sunday they have a performance (for practice in front of a live audience) – wonderful — and free, what could be better?








Check out the       —— SlideShow ——-


That’s Nu with the video camera and friends Jim, Paul and “O” in front of him.  Paul and O run a local Dining Out Group which we will also join in the near future – but that’s another post.


First we listened to “A.J’s Jazz Group – wow – very, very good – (sounded like when I used to go to Larry Blake’s Rathskeler in Berkeley – Hope I got it spelled right – Let’s see, that was about 1958 or 9, I think)  Wow – I used to really like Jazz then and these guys were just as professional –


Next it was the Payap University Jazz Big Band – “Duriyasilp”

Again a great performance – wonderful musicians and great looking boys too – what a great combination.  The SlideShow has many closeups and Nu is going to make a DVD, so I will try to put up some snipits in the blog so you can hear how great they really were. 

I wonder how many are gay?




Soho revisited

Sawadee Khrap


Nu and I just stopped by the Soho Bar and Guest house this evening.  Caught these shots of Scott (present Owner) and “Ood – x owner” and then “Nong – bartender”.  It was about 9 PM so the crowd was just starting to arrive.  The place is usually jumping about 10:30 – but that was too late for us tonight so we left early. I can see why with bartenders this cute –

_-2Here is “Simmy – the other sexy bartender on this evening” and some shots of the place.  I won’t put the names of any of the customers but as you can see even at this early time several great looking boys had already arrived.









Located on Huay Kaew Rd. just up from the Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center and before you get to HillSide4 (our old condo) – it’s a great gathering spot for the rather large gay community in the area.

Take a tour using MapJack-Chiang Mai and you can walk up from the shopping center and stand in front of Soho – great program.

Next time I’ll stay later and cover the action and of course get more pictures of the guys.





Lanna Men’s Dress – WoW – nothing to hide here

Sawadee Khrap



Nu and I just got back from a visit to the Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden in Mae Rim.  Great place – don’t miss it if you come to Chiang Mai – and got some wonderful shots and will post them next.

BUT – WOW – I had to go to the bathroom and was floored when I saw what was painted on the toilet walls.

For God Sake –  DON’T  let  Natee see this, He’ll have the place shut down  ??????  – how could they !!!.




But then again – this was typical Lanna dress for men and boys. 

My, Oh My,  I wish I could have lived at this time – such a wonderful way to dress – and a real fashion statement. 



Here’s a full shot  of the murals they have  – can’t leave the girls out.

Now I really expect to see these kinds of outfits in the Pride Parade – after all , it is REAL Lanna style.

What do you think ? – Please leave your comments.




Ladyboys, Ladyboys

Sawadee Khrap

3251726909_8cc9b8cb98_mDo you like Ladyboys – well my friend Brian just gave me permission to post a link to his Flickr “prnbrn’s photostream” site .

Lots of great photos  – and he will be adding more in the future.

Brian and his partner Pong will be returning to Chiang Mai soon after they sell their restaurant down south.

Great photographer and look forward to their return and what photos he has done so far.

Enjoy !!!!



David Crisp Memorial

Sawadee Khrap



Today we went to the Buddhist Traditional Cremation of a friend who passed away last week.  David was a Composer and Conductor for several local groups including “The Spirit House Singers”  It was a Thai-style funeral and cremation at a local temple – Wat Pa Phaeng.

They will also have a memorial service at the Spirit House Restaurant this coming Sunday night – music, some David had written, and friends offering reminiscences.

We plan on going and I will get some photos.




Miracle – pictures I promissed

Sawadee Khrap

_-11Went down today to get photos to show you  “Miracle Spa” and while I was there I thought I’d get a massage too.  All I can say is WOW

Here are some shots of the place and massurers to serve you. 

Phuwanat “Big” Rattanamano – Owner and Director showed me around the place  – extremely nice, relaxing, in excellent taste.  You’ll love it.

Ton, Mac, Aek, and Pet are there to see to your every needs – and yes they are gay.  However, They do have several remarkable ladies too – if you so desire. 

They offer a full Thai Spa menu,  Traditional foot to Aroma Oil Massages.  I won’t tell you who gave me my massage but I will say,  I intend to go back soon – you will too.  And I am sure that the other guys are just as good, sensual and strong.   See my post last week for particulars – enjoy the photos (and P.S. that’s not me on the table):_-9_-8_-10





















As I mentioned in my post last week “big” and Scott also own Soho’s Bar & Guest house – I will get there one evening this week to got some shots of the boys there too.  

Stay tuned, more pictures to come.  If you want to see more shots of all the boys then leave a comment and I will surely go back to get more shots –and you can bet another massage.