Miss Tiffany’s 2008 Pattaya

Sawadee Khrap

Pic1Both Nu and I feel bad that we had to miss the Miss Tiffany Universe 2008 in Pattaya this last week.  First the 30 finalists then the winner.  Nong Noeng won the event and here is the article in the Pattaya Daily News

Nu is insisting that he try to go as a contestant in 2009 – I do think his Lanna dress up would have put him in the top 30 – maybe win.  But school time now and maybe, maybe in 2010.

Ah yes, it’s school time now – we just got back from the parent-student info day at Srithana College and he’s ready to start Monday.  All morning, information for the student on what will be expected – no drugs, fighting, alcohol.  The police even run surprise pee checks and searches.  They stated that lying, stealing or fighting will be cause for dismissal, even after school hours they need to conduct themselves as representatives of the College and to hold high standards.  Three genders, male, female and ladyboy —– and what a group. Most of the boys are gay or ladyboys – very few straight.  Cheerleaders, volleyball and beauty contests – the main events, but what else would you expect.  All in Thai so I was really bored at the speeches but it did give me a lot of time to look around and I whispered to Nu he will needed to make a lot of friends and invite some over  –hopefully to model —–     


Revisit Weing Haeng with Brian & Pong

Sawadee Khrap

On Saturday the 24th, we took a day trip to visit Weing Haeng, Lak Taeng, and the refugee camp with Brian & Pong.   I started to try and develop my skill at taking panoramic composite landscape shots.  What a great place to start.  Here are some examples:


























  And a pano shot of the Burmese Temple at Wat Fa Wiang Inn at Lak Taeng –  Wat Pa Rama Shea.







First – here’s the    SLIDESHOW   mixed images of the day with shots of the murals in the Burmese temple .

IMG_1256And finally a picture of the local Piang Luang village style

DISCO club. You can imagine what the dance floor is like.

If you look closely you will see the DJ in the window.



Nanoi again

Sawadee Khrap

Went over to visit Jerry again in Nanoi.  Stayed for 2 days, relaxed and did nothing, so not to many pictures.  But here are a couple I thought I’d post.

Small cave near Pha Nong Khoi Cave - Rong Kwang


This is a small cave on the back side of Pha Nong Khoi Cave near Rong Kwang on the way to Jerry’s house.  I thought it looked like a shot from something Disney would do – “Night on Bald Mountain”.  Perfect for the elves and some fantasy cartoon.


And at the local Temple in the Village were these monkeys.  But that’s about it for this weekend.  Retirement is catching up with me.

Monkey at Temple near Jerry's houseMonkey at Temple near Jerry's house-2


Look like anybody you know ?????


ha ha



Rain, Rain – but no excuse

Sawadee Khrap

I think rainy season has begun, cooler nights and intermittent rain.  It’s been a little muggy lately because of the change in seasons and the temperatures are still high – but the cooler nights are really welcome.  It really began with the passing of the cyclone that hit Burma – we got the after effects.

Still working on the computer – had to reload it again, program conflicts.  Seems to work now – only time will tell – dual monitors, TV connected – ready to dive into producing DVD’s.   After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas,  Sony Architect Studio and ACID – complete developing tools.  Now the learning curve begins.   I have also agreed to tape some interviews of children for our neighbor who is running a HIV-child help program – he’s setting up the web pages now and I’ll post more about it in the future.  

We are planning another trip to visit Jerry in Nan and I will post some new shots of the trip. 

Nu’s classes at Srithana will begin on June 2nd, and he’s just finishing up the 4th class in English at the YMCA – #1 in his class throughout – We are starting to do a little mentoring here at home for algebra, physics, etc and we got a white-board so we can practice.  Don’t expect him to be #1 in the Srithana classes but we will give him every chance to do so.

Just a catchup ——– Ohhhhh ya, my friend Michael just got back from his visit to Malaysia and Vichar — check out his blog.   MyThaiBoo

and David had his interview with Peter Pan — check it out too.


Lanna Dress, Beauty contest and Anway Beauty Party

Now catch up time for events:



Nu’s Lanna Dress-up shots–

I showed this earlier but did not have the







Amway Beauty Products Show.  

The lady who helped Nu dress up in the Lanna attire, asked him to model for her at a Amway Beauty Product Party she was having.  He was the only ladyboy in the lineup – This shot was for a video we made of the show. –

But I did make a  —  SLIDESHOW   —— enjoy, and don’t you think he really looked better than the other girls — He would have won this and the Nan Beauty contest if it he was allowed to enter. 





Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center Beauty Contest of Chiang Mai. 

We were at Mike’s Burgers when we found out there was going to be a contest.  The girls were getting ready all around us so we grabbed the camera and got some shots.  Nu loved it –  all those beautiful girls – I know he dreamed about being in the contest too.  But had to settle for just pictures.  We were not able to stay for the final judging round so we don’t know who the winners were – but I think that if Nu was on stage, he would have been in the upper three or actually the winner.  But I am biased, aren’t I.   Please enjoy the   SLIDESHOW


Nu’s New School

IMG_0931Nu is already to go to school now – Srithana Commercial Technical College Chiang Mai.  Right down the street about 2 blocks so it’s easy to walk to.  Loves his new uniform, they have to dress as a professional from day one.  He is taking a Computer Business Accounting curriculum.  It’s not going to be easy for him – his earlier schooling from the small fishing area where he grew up really didn’t prepare him for this.  Looks like I will have to take on some of the housework when he starts.  I’m sure his homework requirements will be quite large, at least catching up with what should have been taught to him in Chumphon.  We have began home classes in math, physics and more English along with his learning the computer we have.  He is also learning the video, photo and audio programs we use.  Quite a load.  He is just finishing up the last of the YMCA classes in English, still #1 in his class.

School at Srithana begins June 1  – Here are a couple more shots of the school.   He changed to this school because it did allow more freedom (ladyboy acceptance) than the school in Mae Taeng.  And he will need to be happy to do his best – Srithana has at least 25% of the male students are ladyboys – he should fit right in.

IMG_0936IMG_0937 mod