LGBT population in Thailand

Sawadee Khrap

MissTiffany 2011


Here’s a good article on Pattaya’s Miss Tiffany Contest and the 2011 winner from Chiang Mai.  And it brings up a good question.

“with around 500,000 transgenders – know locally as ladyboys or katoeys – Thailand has one of the highest rates of transsexualism per head in the world.  Though researchers have failed to explain just why there are so many ladyboys in Thailand – ancient Thai mythology talks of a woman bearing three children – a male, a female, and a third sex.”

Having lived here for a while and observing the culture, I believe I can explain why – Thailand has no retirement support such as Social Security like we have in the States – parents rely on the support by their children – Thai children are taught both culturally and spiritually that they owe their parents support in their old age and every Thai, boy or girl, tries in every way to fulfill that obligation.  Even if the family has money – they will still send support (some being banked for their later use) home from their working pay.

This also means most LGBT’s will eventually marry and raise a family – security for their old age retirement support – they don’t keep the group separation as they do in other cultures.  In San Francisco it would be unheard of for a old Queen to marry and raise kids just for retirement – but very common here.

So to the point – I believe it is now accepted that being gay, lesbian,or transgendered is genetic,  so if the LGBT population is marrying and producing offspring, that would naturally increase the potential for a greater rate of diversity,  and this is very apparent here in Thailand.

I believe this is a good example that genetic differences are at the core of diversity in lifestyles –  That’s my take on it —-    What do you think?