Believing the lies

Sawadee Khrap

All my life I can only think of how badly every religious belief failed me.  I did NOT once consider that I may have been interpreting them wrong or only taking what I wanted and leaving the important parts.  Through my greatest addiction, alcoholism, I found my greatest freedom or PATH.  A path to a true relationship with God, an EXPRENCE and not just a theory.  A path of SURENDER and PEACE. 

A path that can only be recognized by being honest with  myself and WALKING IT.   And yet as I speak of experience I also feel it is my function to help others by explaining what I found I had to do.  I trust that I will stand back and let God lead the way to what I try to explain in this blog of my journey and understanding of walking that path .  A path where my outward world appears to change little but my inward world is turned up side down.

I pray that some of it may resonate with you and help you determine your future path.  That what we have in common WE CAN SHARE and through it realize the ONENESS of God

God Blesses    Christ Blesses   I Bless