Vista has arrived – at least to

Sawadee Khrap

I have tried to stay away from Vista – until now.  I just loaded the Adobe Production Suite and find I needed more memory, so I increased it to 7G and low and behold I find that XP can only address up to 3G.  Bummer!!!!

So now I have Vista loaded and back in business.  I also didn’t like Adobe Premier and stuck with Sony Vegas to make my DVD’s.  But now that I have a good version of Premier (CS4) to test – I find that I am liking it better than Vegas and I think it’s making better videos – clearer, brighter, etc.   Wouldn’t you know.

So today was the first day I am back on line again – still have some computer issues but running and I am reluctant to shut it down again.  So we will see how long it runs this time