Don’s new friend – and cutie at Mimosa

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s Don’s new friend. He rescued her from starving and running wild in Huai Yai park. She’s going to make a great companion – named Lucy – She has already won over the hearts of the Dongtan Beach Group. In addition to Don’s sugar gliders, his house is filling up – lot of mouths to feel. – good luck Don.

And the last photo is “Ton” – one of the dancers at the Mimosa Show.  I believe I am going back with Mark, and Mike,  next week to get some shots of the entire complex during daylight and then stay to shoot a couple of the evening shows and try out dinner.  This place was a real surprise and amazing that it offers a whole night of entertainment and eating for just a 50 Baht entrance fee.           Before you leave  – don’t miss this one.