Kevin & Son to Sai Kaew Beach

Sawadee Khrap


Beach was really crowded, at least 800 or so when we got there – so we headed to the far end where it was less populated – Had lunch at the restaurant – some nice Chinese eye candy – for me , the boys didn’t care – and then they went for a swim and some photos:




Then back to the condo for some inside shots – not good lighting in studio area so I only got a few images – I am working on them now and will submit to the boys for their approval before I post them – But all in all, had a great day, I got a little sunburn – they didn’t,  lot of fun both at the beach and later trying to get some couple shots.  The boys promised to come back and do the shoot again when the lighting is better.  We did raise a few eyebrows at the beach though – Angry smile – don’t you wish you could have been there ?

Oops – just noticed I got the horizon slanted on a couple of images – I’ll correct later  – apparently just concentrating on the boys and missed it –


Home Sickness

Sawadee Khrap

Home-sicknessI know many boys who have had the chance to visit other countries and live there a short time – but always looking out side  – It was not Thailand.  Home sickness was always there – it’s a common saying here   “You can take the boy out of the bar but you can never take the bar out of the boy”  – the same is with anyone’s home land – home sickness, however small, is still there.  Culture, landscapes, sights and sounds, smells linger in the mind -  The image above showing a Thai boy staring out the window to what could be a European or Western setting reminds me of this and my own occasional feelings.    Agree ?