Latest trip to Lak Tang – and my break

Sawadee Khrap

Sunday, our two car caravan went to Lak Tang.  All from the Expats Club, attending were

Leigh & Kris, Ramlah, Christine, Ka, Wayne and Lucy.  We had a great time and saw some real beautiful scenery even thought it was very cloudy.  It was Sunday so we didn’t go to the 1 Baht School, class is out, but we did make it to Wat Fa Wiang Inn Temple and a side trip to the Refugee Camp.  We dropped off donations and met several of the people there.  I didn’t get any pictures, batteries went dead on the way – I forgot to re-charge them before leaving – sorry.   Thanks everyone for going.

I understand that they also want to go again and so sometime in the future we will plan another trip – check the Expats Newsletter for details and times.

And now for my break:

Since my breakup with Tasanai I haven’t been that excited to keep everything up to date – I guess I am a little more depressed about it than I thought.  I realize that this is to be expected as we were together of almost 2 years, but just feel tired now and need to take a short break from the blog and such. I think a week should do it.

Then I can get back to work and also finding my special one who will be a active part in my retirement.  Sometimes I wish I could just retire and sit back and watch the grass grow – but that’s not my nature.  Since I cannot work in Thailand but I still have to remain active – helping my partner build his retirement business affords me the activity I require.  Soooooooooooooo, my search for Mr. Right goes on.

Back next week – see Ya.