Looks like the family is broken up

Sawadee Khrap

Well it looks like the family has broken up – Pity, but the only way to really see if it will work is to start it and see how it proceeds.  I should have seen this earlier but I was blind to anything except it working. It seems we both have a different idea of what relationship, partner, or marriage means. Didn’t last long, but that’s for the best – it gets more painful the longer it goes on and promises are made and actions speak a different attitude. 

I also am seriously considering moving back to Pattaya – I think I can tolerate the warmer weather now that my BP is back to normal  and single life there has more to offer – Chiang Mai is a bedroom community and doesn’t have the large single sites  – especially for gay – like Pattaya does and many articles I have been reading state that living near the sea has added health benefits.  What a relief to have the BP under control  – should make it easier to get back to a normal life.