Nong Nooch again

Sawadee Khrap

I didn’t realize what a great photographer’s venue this is, I see what Victor was talking about in his comment on the last Nong Nooch post.  Pat and I went in the morning and concentrated just on the area as you drive in.  _MG_8104-Edit    Here is the lower entrance gate with the ants – and then the _MG_8199lower orchid area and clay pot sculptures and the tigers area, they wanted 100 Baht for a photo with them – we passed this up and went on to eat at the lower restaurant – great cooks and food – prices were also very affordable._MG_8130_MG_8128   _MG_8234Then on to the  Stonehenge gardens – here is another great  photographic area.  All the sites had such vivid colors and the place was immaculate, flowers all trimmed and attended to.  Pat remarked what a great place for wedding photos and there were several couples taking advantage.  _MG_8278  I had asked CDRom is he and his brother could come with us but they had worked all night and couldn’t make it – next time – we stayed until a little after noon when it started to heat up and then left – I will come back and see what it is like at night time as Victor stated in his comment as I do intend to frequent this place  – with the boys if possible.  I am planning on doing some Photoshop work using some of these shots as backdrops with the erotic boy images.   Anyway here is a image slideshow of the day:

******* SLIDESHOW *******

_MG_8334Hope you have a chance to visit this great site when you come to visit Pattaya – Amazing place, for old and young alike.