Temperatures climbing

Sawadee Khrap

We are definitively starting summer here – the temp’s climbing every day now – today it’s 35 C — 95 F  [but a dry heat – ha ha]  getting HOT — but thank God there nothing for me to do –  being retired.     

 Important tasks today:

  1. What for breakfast  
  2. Appointment to get my beard trimmed – badly needed. 
  3. Post something on the Blog   
  4. Relax – stay out of the sun, nice breeze  

Maybe this evening, when it cools down, go to get a massage. – nice way to end a hectic day. 



Penis song

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s another You-Tube video I liked so I d/l’ed it and have it here:  Really funny, and well done


Hope you agree:




Take me back to your house

 This is a test to embed a You-Tube Video in the Posts. – revised it to have a copy posted here, no more links to You-Tube. This is by Basement Jaxx from the UK – check them out and get their DVD – it’s great.

Here’s my favorite, thanks to seeing it on a blog of a friend (Kot), remember he was on the boat trip with Brian and myself to the Mae Tang area in a past post –

Check into Kot’s blog at   Kot’s Blog


Great graphic – David

Thanks David for the great graphic for the LadyBoy – “Miss Queen Chiang Mai Contest”. I used a “widget” to install it – looks great.

So far, I see there are 13 votes and Miss # 9 “Mareaschanok” – has 61% of the votes. Good going – hope she holds the lead. It’s been 4 days since the start of the polling – word is getting out now and we expect the race to heat up. Good luck Girls !

You can check out David’s blog at Dee-John

Hey David – I was just checking your visitor count – over 8000 – Wow keep it climbing



Planning a Thailand trip – check out Bird’s Asian tours

Sawadee Khrap

Hey, are you planning a trip, perhaps to Thailand – maybe Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai ???  


Check out our Asian Travel “Bird” tours . He has some really great tours set up just waiting for you.  ‘Bird’ will be your tour guide, and he’s excellent at it.  Choose from one of the many tours offered or design your own – either way make your trip a real vacation, let ‘Bird’ take over the arrangements – relax and enjoy.  Guide excellence

Looking for SPECIAL evening entertainment   – Just let him know what you are looking for  – he has great connections in the Chiang Mai area and I am sure he can make your every desire come true – email him and see for yourself.

Come and see Thailand – we are at the end of the busy season, prices will go down – tourist will less and you can have the place to yourself.

Try it, You’ll like it





Poll Vote for Miss Queen Chiang Mai 2007

Sawadee Khrap

I have just added a page with pictures so you can make your vote for:

Vote for Miss Queen Chiang Mai 2007 Poll

The free GoDaddy poll does have some limits so I am just showing the “Top” 22 Ladies as chosen by the Official Judges at the event, however the “Other” selection will allow you to vote for any Lady.

The page has images of each of the 44 contestants, in both sports wear and evening gowns (some only entered in one outfit) so you can decided which is YOUR favourite. If their not listed in the “Top” 22 – just enter their number into the “Other” selection and give them credit. I find them all beautiful – it’s hard to decide who should be called number one.

It also lists the Official Winners – but don’t let that distract you from voting for your choice – let’s see if the viewers get the same result.

Sorry, I don’t have all the names and I hope we got the spelling right – we wrote them down watching the full video so mistakes may be there – if you find an error , if you know the Lady, maybe you can have her contact us and we will make any corrections.

Here is the final lineup picture ( Judge’s Top 22) :




Video – LadyBoy Beauty Contest

Sawadee Khrap

Here are some snippets from the video Tasanai took of the LadyBoy Beauty Contest at “The Peak” in the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

I thought it appropriate that “Let’s hear it for the boys” was playing on my computer while I was preparing this clip – so I hope no one gets mad because I left it in the sound track. I just picked some highlights and hope I got every lady covered. We are just starting the work on preparing a full spread page showing each Ladyboy in sports wear and their evening dresses so you can view and choose your winner. We will try to have a poll available where you can place your vote and the following month we will post the actual winners as chosen by the contest judges – Let’s see if you choose the same beauties.

Tue – LadyBoy Beauty Contest – Night Bazaar Peak

Sawadee Khrap

Last night was the “ladyboy Beauty Contest” at the “Peak” in the Night Bazaar. 44 constastants, sports wear and evening gowns. First some shots of the area and crowds. Great attendance, over 500 there.

ThePeak-IMG_0191 Judges1-IMG_0449

The Friendship Bar was our favorite – The staff was in full dress

Nui-IMG_0144 Gone-IMG_0151

But back to the show —— First they had the “Blue Diamond Cabaret” Ladies perform several pieces

BlueDiamond-1-IMG_0235BlueDiamond -2-IMG_0261

BlueDiamond -3-IMG_0261 BlueDiamond -5-IMG_0261

The Judges: and the MTV Bar next door was also a good place to see the show.

Judges-IMG_0313 Mork-MTV BarIMG_0174

Here are some shots of the Ladies ——– I am preparing a full page with shots of each of the ladies and a poll so that you can vote on your favorite and next month I will publish the pictures of the winner (picked by the local judges) so you can see if you chose the same ones – Man, it was difficult choosing the winners – they are all very beautiful – and none are cut

First10-IMG_0351 First20-IMG_0351

First30-IMG_0351 First40-IMG_0351

That’s most of them there – but soon you will be invited to vote your choice on our full page of images – be sure and stay tuned.

IT’S HARD TO BELIEVE THEIR ALL MEN (or boys if you prefer )



Mlabri or Yellow Leaf Tribe

Here are some shots we took on our last visit to Nan.  This was a side trip to the “Unseen” village of the Mlabri nomadic tribes people or “Yellow Leaf” .  They are found only in the northern provinces of Nan and Phrae. A total of 145 now live in the village we visited – Ban Huay Yauk. 

IMG_3951mod  IMG_2783mod 

Their actual name is  Phi Tong Lueang  – which translates to “spirits of the yellow banana leaf” because they use banana leaves to cover their shelters and when the leaves turn yellow they move to new sites for their hunter-gathering existence.  They don’t like to be called spirits but they do like yellow-leaf, but more important to them is that they like pig meat. We gave the “headsman” money so we could take some pictures and I am sure the whole tribe celebrated with a full-course pig dinner.


Over the years the encroachment by agriculture and logging has destroyed much of the forest that is their natural habitat.  Now they have been forced to work in the fields of other hill-tribes in exchange for daily food and old clothes. Their nomadic life style is over.

Mlabri, meaning “forest people” in the tribe’s language, are a ethnic group of people from early Thailand and Laos.  The men used to wear only loin-cloth as demonstrated by the Headsman in the picture with me – he was very happy to show us how they lived and invited us in to see his home.


We bought some hand carved pipes and the next time we go back to visit we will bring the tribe a small pig they can raise for future food.  Money meant nothing to them except that with it they could send someone to town and buy food and used clothes – I am glad we could help.

The community is slated to be promoted as a cultural tourism site in the province and Public Health officers have been dispatched to take care of their needs. They have also been taught how to raise livestock, jungle fowl, pigs and cattle – It’s a shame their natural way of life is gone – but I suppose all peoples want to develop and enjoy the safety and good health of modern life and the project aims to provide assistance to the poverty-stricken and malnourished tribes people.




Mae Ngad Dam & Bua Tong Waterfall

Sawadee Khrap

Today we took a short photo trip to Mae Ngad Dam in Sri Lanna National Park . Along the way were rice fields and a dragonfly nymph fisherman.

IMG_0029mod   IMG_9988mod

Then at Mae Ngad Dam we took a 10 min. long-boat ride to the back of the dam and the Eakchai House Boat clusters. What a great place for a photo shoot – next time I plan on bringing a small group of boys and have a photo party – swimming, restaurant, and private accommodations.

IMG_0038mod  IMG_0058mod

That’s Brian and Kot  – next time the whole gang. While we were going a fellow guest passed us on the Dam lake – looks like fun.

IMG_0053mod  IMG_0073mod

IMG_0068mod  IMG_0083mod


Pristine views, excellent lunch (both Thai and Farang tastes – fully stocked bar), and besides the karaoke coming from the units down the mooring – it was extremely peaceful.  We just got a few snapshots and it was time to continue on the Bua Tong Waterfall.  Next time I really want to spend at least a day here – maybe exploring some of the side coves for real private photo shoots, if you get my drift.  What a great backdrop.  Ohhhhh I digress.

Bua Tong Waterfall is unique – formed from calcium deposits from upper hot springs it appears like the entire area was covered in some form of concrete — these images don’t do it full justice – better lighting and of course a tan Asian body posed within would really bring out the full beauty of the place – we were there just about sun-down and the colours were beginning to develop – I wish we had had more time to really concentrate on specific shots – next time we will make sure enough time is allowed to show all the beauty of the place.

IMG_0120mod  IMG_0134mod

Amazing how the deposits flow as if they were created by pouring bags of concrete down the hill – nature has always the best backdrops.

 Light cream and white waterfall + tan Asian model = heaven, don’t you agree.




Boys ! , LadyBoys ! , and more boys

Sawadee Khrap

This will be the last video post for a while – it’s a long one and will take a long time to load so bear with us.

Next Tue there will be a LadyBoy contest at the Night Bazaar and we will get video and stills – stay tuned for some great shots and LADYBOYS. a third gender here in Thailand.

When Tin & Dana and later John & Roy visited us we took them to see Simon’s Cabaret. Here is a snippet of the final curtain call from one of last year performances – It’s hard to believe that there is NOT a natural girl in the cast.

When you come to Thailand, make sure that you don’t miss Simon’s of Chiang Mai – you won’t be disappointed. It’s a 1 1/2 hour show that will amaze you – we have been several times and each time there is completely different show – unique and reasonable 400 Baht or $12.50 each — try and find that elsewhere – and of course your Thai friend will get in for 150 Baht or $4.00 – what a inexpensive evening.

Elephant Painting video

Sawadee Khrap

Continuing with some videos – here is one we got when Tin and Dana visited us last year. We went to the Lampang Elephant Camp and Hospital and part of the show consisted of this elephant painting – Tin liked the picture so well he bought it before we left. You can see Tin in the video – he’s the one with the white tee shirt with the brown stripes – sorry he wasn’t more in the video but I know he will recognize the scene.

First Video – Lampang Cremation

In a previous post I talked about Tasanai’s Uncle’s Cremation. A service similar to a Irish wake – first the party with the deceased and then the Cremation ceremony. Here is a short (6 MB so it will still take awhile to load ) video on the final cremation – I’ll let it speak for itself. Then everyone leaves so the spirit of the departed can leave this place.

Waterfall’s – Doi Inthanon Nat Park

Sawadee Khrap

I though I’d post a couple of shots of the beautiful waterfalls at Doi Inthanon National Park – first  Mae Klang — That’s Tasanai in the water.


And then Vachirathan waterfall —– How are these for settings !!!


Now wouldn’t it be nice to see a cute naked model posed at these sites – what eye candy that would be — maybe next time.



Sawadee Khrap

Just installed StatCounter and really pleased – does a great job of tracking the sites traffic – great detail – and IT’S FREE. It only allows a log for the last 100 guests max but that can be increased with a purchase plan and I think it’s reasonable (although I haven’t yet compared it to other pay counters). Now I can see how many countries the site is reaching and what pages they are stopping at – using this I should be able to adjust the site for better presentation.

Check it out for your site.