CMCC Meeting – Laos Children’s Workshop

Sawadee Khrap

Our Tue Chiang Mai Camera Club meeting went ok with the usual lack of supplies. ha ha   No Projector, No Computer – and a rain storm – BUT still we had a great meeting.  Bert, Jim and Steve (who brought a friend, I’ll talk about him in a minute) and me, of course. 

CMPGGot to talk about a lot of different photographic topics and also found out about the latest news on the CMPG’s happenings.  They have or are going to start up workshops for  Photoshop and Lightroom, and have a instructor ready – nice.  I think they are waiting for renovations to the old Tusker’s site and will continue there. Chiang Mai Photographic Group would be the place to go.  They have all the equipment and space and attendance to offer you what you want.  I am very glad to hear that the ‘management’ has stepped up to the latest software and plans to offer workshops in the future – bravo, finally grew up.  Highly recommend you check them out.

Sooooooo ….  I recommended to our group that we change our venue to a social group of expats (informal – not to compete with the CM Expats Club or CMPG ) who still want to discuss their photography and other ideas and continue to meet a Sangdee on every other Tue.  I’ll let you know what was decided when we have our next meeting.

Now back to Steve’s friend – Philip Ward and his project “The Laos Children’s Workshop’”. LaosChildrensWorkshop He told us all about his accomplishments and problems starting and developing the center.  Fascinating – He’s here trying to find equipment and resources that they are in desperate need of.  Computers, Tools, Cameras, Software, and of course money —  etc.  I’m going to help him out with tutorial software collection I have -  Check out their website and maybe you can help too – Please contact Philip  – see if you can help in any way  —-   these kids really need your help.  Help these kids develop a skill that can support them when they leave the orphanage.  Life is unimaginable in Lao when you have no education or a saleable skill but they are also considered outcast tribal boys – bleak !!!    HELP GIVE THEM A FIGHTING CHANCE.