Sawadee Khrap

I am starting to modify the look and feel of the Blog.

There is no sense in trying to re-invent the wheel and there are several established  excellent sites for ACIM.   So my first change is to remove the old links category for ACIM daily lessons. 

Please take a look at the new ACIM sidebar.

  • Foundation of Inner Peace
  • Pathways of Light

The first offers the lessons exactly as presented in the book and also has a Audio version you can listen to.  This is almost the same as I had before –

The second is a link to Pathways of Light’s comments and suggestions on each lesson.

Both are excellent study points and really offer a better format than my ACIM category and daily readings.  And with both you can sign up and have them sent to your email address – pertty neat.

I am also preparing, for the sidebar, a yearly guide to daily lessons that was used when I was attending Pat Wescott & Dave Davis’s Miracle Center in San Mateo, California.  This study schedule is designed to allow one to completely read the entire book (3 sections) in one year – a day at a time.  I’ll add it to the sidebar soon.

Hope you like this format – appreciate your comments.


Donations to Lak Tang Area Project

Sawadee Khrap

I have had several inquires as to how to make donations to the Lak Tang Project.  Since there is no credit card capabilities and only Thai Baht can be used – perhaps the easiest way is to send your check to me and I will give it to the Project in Baht.

Send any donation to

Make the check payable to:     Frank Nystrom

and mail to: 

Frank Nystrom

P.O. Box 237

Phrasing Post Office

Chiang Mai, Thailand  50205

And Please make an note on the check “For the Lak Tang Village Project”

I will convert to Baht and present it to the Project.  I’ll also keep everyone updated as to what has been donated.   So far we have collected 6000 Baht+, donated items, food, clothing, toys – 1/2 truck load.   There is a caravan scheduled to go to the School on Nov 4th and I will have pictures to show and update on donations received so far.

Thanks to everyone who helps.