Damn it’s cold

Sawadee Khrap

WOW !!!  it’s really been cold for the last week.  12-14 C  each evening and with no heaters in the condo – my place has been getting colder and colder each night.

Today I started to open the oven and use it to at least take the chill off my condo. Thank God I have a great kitchen.  It Works great.

I really can’t believe how I have adapted to the hotter weather here.  When I was young and lived in Nebraska, walking to school at –20 C  was common place in the winter. We played outside too.  When I moved to San Francisco, 4C was bone chilling cold for me – BUT NOW  14 C is unbearable.  I run for the heaters.    26 C is the coldest I like.  Amazing.


Experience, strength, and hope

Sawadee Khrap

This morning I awoke with the memory of my nights dreaming.  I had a clear picture of what it means to “look, listen, and not judge”.  And I remembered a lesson also told to me in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Make a list of all we had harmed, including those that we thought had harmed us, and be willing to let the grievances go.

Grievances are the results of judgements.  Condemnation of the actions of others that I have held against them.  Actions, in my mind alone, that they are certainly NOT aware of and therefore it would be impossible for them to make amends.  For example, when some one cuts in front of me in line.  

If I am really honest, my first thought is, Who the hell do they think they are, to do THAT to ME. Were they deliberately trying to piss me off?.  Didn’t they see WHO they were jumping in front of?  Did they think they were better than ME?   DID’NT they see MY SPECIALNESS.  When actually they probably had no idea that I was there, busy in their own problems.  But my habit to immediately jump to judgements could not see that.

HERE’S THE KEY:       That the character in any dream, ME, is but the ‘actor’,  binding the dream to his specialness, not allowing the DREAMER (Christ) to evaluate and change the dream to a happy one.

Look, listen and do not judge.  simple. BRING ALL GRIVENCES TO THE HOLY SPIRIT AND LET HIM JUDGE.    Be grateful that I am offered thoroughout the day the opportunity to see these grievances acted out before me so I can look, listen and make a different choice by NOT Judging. Developing this habit for  the first action I take in all situations.

This is HEALING in its basic form, bringing all this anger or  judgements, actually degrees of hate, stored as stress,  particularly for me in my back muscles as pain (sickness) , and letting it go. 

My lesson for the day “Today the peace of God envelopes me. And I forget all things except His Love.”  (ACIM – L 346)

To forgive IS to Forget

God Bless   Ciao