Map for Spirit House

Wow – just got a comment from Milton that I did not post a map or for that matter even the address for the Spirit House restaurant.  I also see that I didn’t include any pictures so here’s a couple















Standing in front is Wanchai and Steve the owners and the next shot is the eating area – the other picture shows the antiques that Steve has on exhibit and for sale.  Since my first post , they are now having monthly concerts at the place and have some great talent and entertainment nights —– check it out.    Sorry – I give it a good review and then didn’t show you how to get there.  I don’t have the exact address but I hope the map helps to find the place.

Thanks Milton for reading the blog so far back – The actual post was on January 2007 – I am impressed and delighted that readers go back and check out the older posts.   Thanks again




3rd year for Chiang Mai Expats

Sawadee Khrap

We went to a great brunch and celebration for the 3rd Year Anniversary of Chiang Mai Expats at the new venue “The Shangri La Hotel”  Excellent food and entertainment.

IMAGE_002In an earlier post I talked about the music of Thitipol Kanteewong and today he brought his full group to play for us.  I didn’t take a camera so missed out on any good shots – but I did try a couple with my cell phone and got this shot from another guy who had his camera. 









But they also had a male dancer – WOW – great and I didn’t get a shot – sorry – next time.




I’ll let them explain their site:


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Same people who have the and   Please check it out



New House

Well we just rented – or signed the papers – they will have to clean and repair any fixtures or appliances in the house before we actually move in – scheduled for Oct 10th.  We have some plans on remodeling – adding a photo studio/family room addition  and a western kitchen upgrade.  Of course these improvements will wait till the surgery thing is out of the way.    Here’s the front shot:

OurNewHouse-SanSai District  ChiangMai-Thailand









That’s Nu at the gate and our Mira  – it’s a 4BR, 3B, large living room and kitchen/dining area – maids quarters in rear and on a private cul-d-sac with little or no traffic just North of Chiang Mai city in San Sai District. One hell of an address, on San Sai Rd, San Sai Noi Sub-District, San Sai District, Chiang Mai —– lot of San Sai – but easy to remember. 

First thing will be to clean the exterior and paint the place – we are thinking of a sandstone color – somewhat Mexican flavor should do the place justice. First a spruce up and upgrade the kitchen.

We have a 5 year lease and school (Payap College) for Nu is just around the corner – of course we will have to get a motorcycle so he can get to school.  Always something, but most of the pressure is off now – just the move and that should be quick – and rent drops from 19,000 to 13,000 Baht/mo or now $380 US/month —– good savings and secure future so I don’t have to worry about that for at least the next five years – no to get over the back thing and concentrate on retirement.

The story goes on !!!!!!!


Writers Cramp

Sawadee Khrap

Boy-oh-Boy, Have I had writer’s cramp, rainy days and many days searching for a house to rent, and a basic loss of enthusiasm.  So nothing is getting posted.  I know this is really affecting my blog traffic – it’s dropped form 250 a day to less than 100 – so I will have to do something.

I also keep thinking about this up coming back surgery.  I have to set up appointments and travel plans for that and with the low dollar and high Baht, I am trying to hold out till the last moment. That could be promoting problems too, but has to be done.  Yet, I will have to start soon as I don’t think the doctor has notified Liberty about the pending operations and gotten their forms to complete – never ending.

I am also planning on setting up a eBay account and posting items from Thailand for sale.  Specialty items of course as the shipping cost would not allow small valued items to be worth while.   But, in my current mind frame – that is last item on the burner.

Wonderful  News – My Niece just had a successful kidney transplant and all prayers and wishes go to her.  Jess has been suffering from the terrible effects of Lupus, and lately her kidneys failed – thank God they found a donor in Philadelphia and another hurtle covered. 

Got a call from Michael and he has made to move to Bali and is setting up home – he plans on visiting Chiang Mai soon and we look forward to that.  And David in London got his new computer and is back on line with his blog too – great news too.

Anyway I’m just rambling – so I’ll make this short and see if I can get some  – or one –  of these projects started.



Safe in Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

All the turmoil in Bangkok  – but Chiang Mai is a peaceful as ever.  No  noticeable problems here – I do hope that they can resolve the Government problem and get back to normal, or as close to normal as can be expected in Thailand.

One thing I am watching closely is the value of the Baht – it had been losing value and that is good for my pocketbook – I just hope we can return to the 40 Baht/dollar – get me back to where I was when I first got here.  I am just getting acclimated to living on a fixed income and the drop in the dollar and rise of the Baht really hurt.

I haven’t done any pictures in over a month and so I am going to start getting out and develop some shots to show.  I thought I would get some shots of the lovely young after school boys who swim in the City Moat – and then I plan to visit some of our friends new businesses like “Note’s” restaurant and “Tree’s” new massage Spa and show the staffs – great looking boys to be ready to service your every needs at their establishments.

We haven’t done any trips lately – Nu in school all week and it seems the weekends have always been full – Gonn’a take some time off to to travel again – promise

Haven’t found a house yet – checking out at least 4–5 a week – but none have satisfied my most pressing need – a room big enough to make a photo studio is paramount.  But I know we will find what we need – yard for a dog and garden with waterfall, studio, western kitchen, some security beyond dog, light and airy.  That should do it  – suggested rent will be about 12–18,000 Baht/mo  or about $500 US/mo   not bad.

Anyway  – life in “Amazing Thailand” is still the greatest – My new addiction – CamFrog – is an eye candy dream come true – and with it I have already lined up several great models for the new studio, if it ever gets completed – I can’t wait.

Our friend Michael, from the States, has finally relocated to Bali, I know he is setting up house now and will be back on line shortly “Cintaboo”– And David in London has recovered from his computer meltdown with a new machine and will back in the blogging business soon “WestAsian”.  Look at their links to get up to date.

Well Ciao for now  – stay tuned – pictures to follow.