Doi Angkhang trip–Day 2 Chiang Dao

Sawadee Khrap

At 7 Am we had breakfast at Tangerine Villa and then off to Chiang Dao.  It was very foggy almost all the way there so no photos.  Not too far from Chiang Dao mountain the fog broke and we got a great look – (the slideshow is in time order).  We stopped at this amazing Wat, don’t know the name and my GPS wasn’t working at the time so I cannot locate it now – sorry.  The most important thing here is the depiction of Buddhist Hell and the type of suffering and torture that they think takes place.  In the back temple area they were even raising their own wild hog – big.   From here we headed toward Chiang Dao Cave, but both of us had been there before so we continued on to the Baan View Resort – a very small tribal resort (if you can call it that – mostly for campers)perched on the side of a hill.  Great view and I had a Thai style omelet over rice – but the strangest thing was the dead mouse hanging on the wall next to the radio – I didn’t ask why it was hanging there – afraid what the answer might be. Everything is in sequence in the slideshow

We then headed back to the Chiang Dao Hut and Kitchen for a quick lunch and on the way to Sri Sung Wan Waterfall and from there on to the Pong Arng Hot Springs.  Leaving the Hot Springs we ran across a field of garlic – neat rows – first time I had seen garlic planted this way. Then on to Wat Phar That Doi Mon Ching a Burmese (Thai Yai  as they are called here) style temple.   Not far from the temple we spotted a field of blossoming Mango trees – I had never seen these before so got a couple of shots.  And on the way back we spotted some young boys enjoying a swim.  The Chiang Dao Hut & Kitchen, where we were going to stay for the night – the  “White House” we took went for 1200 Baht/night – and with no heat it was terribly damp and cold that night- cuddling helped but still cold.  Better view in the morning so I’ll post that next post on the Mae Tang part of the trip tomorrow.  Again the Slideshow is in order.

Tomorrow I will post about the final Mae Tang portion of the trip.