First rain

Sawadee Khrap

Had our first rain today – short, but loud – lot of thunder, some hail, knocked out power several times – some rain – yet it did start to clear the air. 

 Here is a picture of the trees in the small farm area next door. IMG_1202small Pollen or seedlings or something cotton like are bursting from the flowers on the trees – there are 4 of these trees next door, 2 small, 2 large and it looked like it was snowing when the wind blew – It’s marvelous how Nature operates – just before the rain, heavy winds disperse the seeds and scatter them for planting – then the rain to water them – what a site – These are the same trees that turn a brilliant red and yellow in the winter.  Kapok trees – Thai’s make a pillow from these cotton like seedlings.

Tomorrow we will head for a short trip to Chiang Rai – coming back Sunday  – with Jerry and Art to get away.  The boys, Art & Tasanai will probably hit the Disco (one of largest in Thailand) and Jerry & I will enjoy the local clubs.  Would like to go to Tak, but they (Myanmar & Thailand) are having border skirmishes – not a good place right now – but it does have the largest waterfall in Thailand – “Ti Lo Su”  ??????  – said to be #6 most beautiful in the world  – maybe next time.


Poi Sang Long Festival coming

O5-214Here is a picture form the ChiangMai Mail article on

Poi Sang Long Festival

We will be going to the festival on April 4–6th and will get some pictures then – I am really looking forward to it. 

Before becoming novice monks, all Shan boys have their heads shaved and are carried by friends or relatives as the go through the ceremony to present their sons to the abbot of the temple.  Colourful, with much pomp and ceremony.

We plan on going to the temple close by – Wat Papao – can’t wait  Video and images to follow – I hope !!!!