a Scarry Building–Jomtien

Sawadee Khrap

_MG_0014-EditNow here’s a scary building for me – I inserted the outer lines to show the proposed height of the “Tower” being built at Grande Caribbean in Jomtien.  30 stories, setting among all the others at 8 stories max – the photo was taken from the 9th floor of my building which is one of only 4 major condos in the area reaching 15 stories each.  What a fucking eyesore, this obnoxiously tall building in the middle of a condo complex area on Thrappraya Rd.


No steel girders, I-beams, or side earthquake bracing – just free standing – cemented to the floor -  relatively small rebar concrete pillars – then the centers between pillars filled in with mortar and bricks.  This would never make in in the States.  Almost all Condo construction is done this way in Thailand.  I have been taking images as the construction is going on – it will also be a way for me to test my calculations and see if I am right when it is finished.  Good earthquake and its going to twist and the side brick walls are going to pop out of this damn thing.  I hope all survive.

The plans look exciting, furnishings really nice, common areas  – pools, gym, garden areas a dream with waterfalls and light tower, and pirate ships. – but don’t look under the covers.   We’re at 13 floors and climbing.