The Gin Game

Sawadee Khrap

Saturday night, 28th, we had the pleasure of going to “The Gate Theater Group’s” presentation of “The Gin Game” at the Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center – Kad Studio Theater.  We were invited by the Matchett’s to video tape the show and make a DVD for them.

“The Gate Theater Group is a not-for-profit volunteer network established for the purpose of bringing the performing arts to Chiang Mai.  Among their goals are the  development and recruitment of local talent, the encouragement of young people’s interest in theater arts, and above all the delivery of an enjoyable theatrical experience to our audiences”

Here is the program sheet:


We missed the previous presentation “The Dodo Bird” because we were out of town, glad we made this one – very, very well done.  Superb sets, acting and of course the play itself.  What a neat little theater and I didn’t even know it was there.  Not sure what a Dodo Bird is?

We took about 1.5 hours of tape and produced a DVD for them – We also took many photos – or I should say Nu took a bunch – I did the video this time.   Tried out several new procedures in making the cover and DVD itself and really pleased with the outcome, here’s what the DVD looked like:


And here are some of the images:

    *** SLIDESHOW ***


I’ll post future shows which I hope we can make  – Great for Nu as he has never seen live performances or any stage play for the matter.




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  1. Thanks for coming out to film our production of D.L. Coburn’s
    “The Gin Game”. The pictures look great! We really appreciate your help and support.

    The Gate Theater group

    Your very welcome, we really enjoyed the production, great meeting the cast and look forward to future presentations.

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