another one bit the dust–Ashwaganda

Sawadee Khrap

MEDICAL UPDATE- last post on this was May 16th. Kidneys looking better, readings coming down – BP somewhat stable at 150/75 and ED disappearing. First it was Ginkgo Baloba – miracle response but then I found out I was getting an allergic rash to it. In May I tried Ashwaganda- touted another miracle herb – WOW it worked, stiffness in legs – gone, kidney readings coming down – stress levels reduced – GREAT. !! But alas, it belongs to the nightshade family and after a couple of months I find the same problems recurring that I had with other nightshades –SHIT:

Got a blood test today, and find that my kidney readings are almost in the normal-high range – excellent, BP is slightly elevated, but I think that is because of what I ate – cottage cheese, and a large amount about 2 hrs. before the test- lots of salt – shame on me. But it seems to aggravate the ED and the nightshade problem of tender muscles that connect to tendon areas – damn, again not the miracle herb for me. My blood test results are looking much, much better and I really attribute this to juicing. Diet changes – vegetarian, Omega 3/Omega 6 ratio increased allowing the body to heal – So now I’ve dropped the Ashwaganda and just take 10 mg. Madiplot to help reduce the BP while I heal naturally by proper diet. I am going to give it about 1-2 weeks and see if the ED changes and tenderness of joints gets better –

The next test will be the MORGINA herb, another touted super herb to lower BP, reduce stress and so on. At least it not in the nightshade family. Other than that, feeling great and moving forward.