New Year Resolution

Sawadee Khrap

Making your New Year Resolution – try these suggestions by Joe Dispenza “Living in SURVIVAL  vs. Living in CREATION”.    Although he speaks of healing the body, what is he actually saying?  Look, Listen and Do Not Judge – Leave judgement up to the Holy Spirit – free yourself of stress – I AM AS GOD CREATED ME.    I AM NOT THE BODY       I AM protected by God’s LOVE        “I AM ! ”

As the Course in Chapter 29 – IX “The Forgiving Dream”  states:

“A dream of judgment came into the mind that God created perfect as Himself.  And in that dream was Heaven changed to hell, and God made enemy unto His Son.  How can God’s Son awaken from the dream?  It is a dream of judgment.  So must he judge not, and he will waken.  For the dream will seem to last while he is part of it.  Judge not, for he who judges will have need of idols, which will hold the judgment off from resting on himself.  Nor can he know the Self he has condemned.  Judge not, because you make yourself a part of evil dreams, where idols are your “true” identity, and your salvation from the judgment laid in terror and in guilt upon yourself.

All figures in the dream are idols, made to save you from the dream.  Yet they are part of what they have been made to save you from.  Thus does an idol keep the dream alive and terrible, for who could wish for one unless he were in terror and despair?  And this the idol represents, and so its worship is the worship of despair and terror, and the dream from which they come.  Judgment is an injustice to God’s Son, and it is justice that who judges him will not escape the penalty he laid upon himself within the dream he made.  God knows of justice, not of penalty.  But in the dream of judgment you attack and are condemned; and wish to be the slave of idols, which are interposed between your judgment and the penalty it brings.

There can be no salvation in the dream as you are dreaming it.  For idols must be part of it, to save you from what you believe you have accomplished, and have done to make you sinful and put out the light within you.  Little child, the light is there.  You do but dream, and idols are the toys you dream you play with.

“Be IN the world but not OF the world.”

God Blesses     Christ Blesse       I Bless