Is the “body” the first symbol of “sin”.

Here’s a great example of that fact that the body is always the symbol if sin.  Here is is presented though the teachingsroman7 of Paul in Christianity.  The first sin is the desire to be specials and therefore this demands that we must be separate from God and ALL of His Creation, where we were created in the image and likeness of God.   Merely perceiving ourselves as a body is “sin” itself.  Missing  the mark, trying to change Creation or God’s Reality into our desire, illusion or dream, where WE are the creator..   Zac Poonen  uses Roman 7 to make the point clear.  It’s straight to the point – the flesh is prone to sin, and only through “Christ’s” Vision can we see and understand this fact.   Asking to see, is our first venture into what “Forgiveness” really means.

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Medical Update

Sawadee Khrap

As of today my blood pressure is somewhat stable around 140/80.    I’m back to walking 3/4 mile a day, up and down the parking lot, at leased one time a day.  Reduced HBP meds to 40mg Mircardis (Telmisartan) each afternoon and 1/8 to 1/4  of 40mg Furetic, a diuretic when BP is over 155.    Each evening I also take 0.4mg Tamsulosin, after dinner, for BHP or enlarged Prostrate, which by the way also lowers BP.  Not a lot of meds now.  Most of the induced Parkinson’s signs are going away.   I bought a nebulizer and will try Hydrogen Peroxide vapor to clear phlegm and possibly viruses in nose and throat..

But I think the major change was the elimination of the laundry soap and the change to getting my drinking water in glass bottles and NO MORE PLASTIC. The brightener chemicals in the soap and leached chemicals from the plastic bottles were raising hell with my system and not allowing BP control –  Once they were gone my BP began to come down and stabilize.

P.S.   I did get a single jab of Pfizer vaccine but am on a Ivermectin , Vitamin  D3, Zine and Vitamin  C protocol for the Covid.19.    It would appear, here in Thailand, the crisis is ending and the country will try to reopen in November.

Will post again on progress.


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God’s Grace – Forgiveness – Opposite of Specialness !

Sawadee Khrap

ACIM Chapter 25 – God’s Justice,  Section VI – The Specials Function.

The grace of God rests gently on forgiving eyes, and everything they look on speaks of Him to the beholder.  He can see no evil; nothing in the world to fear, and no one who is different from himself.  And as he loves them, so he looks upon himself with love and gentleness.  He would no more condemn himself for his mistakes than damn another.  He is not an arbiter of vengeance, nor a punisher of sin. The kindness of his sight rests on himself with all the tenderness it offers others.  For he would only heal and only bless.  And being in accord with what God wills, he has the power to heal and bless all those he looks on with the grace of God upon his sight.

……. and continues …….

Here, where the laws of God do not prevail in perfect form, can he yet do one perfect thing and make one perfect choice.  And by this act of special faithfulness to one perceived as other than himself, he learns the gift was given to himself, and so they must be one.  Forgiveness is the only function meaningful in time.  It is the means the Holy Spirit uses to translate specialness from sin into salvation.  Forgiveness is for all.  But when it rests on all it is complete, and every function of this world completed with it.  Then is time no more.  Yet while in time, there is still much to do.  And each must do what is allotted him, for on his part does all the plan depend.  He has a special part in time for so he chose, and choosing it, he made it for himself.  His wish was not denied but changed in form, to let it serve his brother and himself, and thus become a means to save instead of lose.

…….. continues ……..

The Holy Spirit needs your special function, that His may be fulfilled. 2 Think not you lack a special value here.  You wanted it, and it is given you.  All that you made can serve salvation easily and well.  The Son of God can make no choice the Holy Spirit cannot employ on his behalf, and not against himself. Only in darkness does your specialness appear to be attack.  In light, you see it as your special function in the plan to save the Son of God from all attack, and let him understand that he is safe, as he has always been, and will remain in time and in eternity alike.  This is the function given you for your brother.  Take it gently, then, from your brother’s hand, and let salvation be perfectly fulfilled in you.  Do this one thing, that everything be given you.”

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