The message IS getting to the world.

Sawadee Khrap

The NON-DUALISTIC message IS getting to the world.  More and more I am being lead to videos and other perspective of what this world really is and our function in it.  Here is a great video by a Catholic Franciscan Monk, Richard Rohr.

RICHARD RORH – ATONEMENT THEORY (FULL VIDEO)    which speaks about Breathing Underwater. Falling Upward. Universal Christ. Contemplation. Naked Now. St. Francis of Assisi. Non-Dualism. Universalism. Thomas Merton. 2021. God is Love.

At-One-Ment      Explains   “The Christ”    “Jesus is the revelation of God’s Plan A.  He is not a mop-up exercise after Adam and Eve ate that darn apple.”  AMAZING !!!Mystical

God Blesses    Christ Blesses   I Bless