Always something

Sawadee Khrap

What a week so far:  Thank God the weathers cool, it would be a bitch in the heat.

First:  On Sunday night or Monday morning I should say 4:00 AM I was awaken by someone trying to open our balcony screen door — But you see we are on the 11th floor.  I turned on the lights just in time to see the guy going around the corner of the balcony to the alcove that holds the air-conditioners main unit.  We called the security but by the time they got there he had disappeared.   I then had to go to Police Station and make a report so they would have a report to investigate in the morning.  Later that morning I was asked to go to the Police Dept again to identify the boy downstairs in the lower condo from our, who had apparently confessed that he was the one.  I couldn’t believe that anyone could have climbed up that way – BUT he did, and I am sure he was the one that stoled our laptop last year and has been robbing many other units in the Condo the same way.   He told the Police that he was planning on flashing me and did not plan to steal anything —  WOW, now that’s a story – darker than shit and he was planning on flashing me, or whoever was in the condo —   Can you believe that  – it really made the Police laugh, but they said that anyone who thought that way should be put away –  

The Police had to let him go because I could not really identify him – I did not see his face just his back as he was going around the corner – Damn – they were as disappointed as I was that I could not make a solid witness.  But I’m not going to lie just to convict the kid.  They are sure he did the other robberies but can’t prove it – maybe next time if there is one.   The Condo staff wants him out now and they are going to the owner of the condo where he is staying.  I just increased the security  – motion detectors I have to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Second: – I just got back from Immigration and there I was told I should not do any kind of work or volunteer work on my Retirement VISA status.  That means that the English teaching helping the Chiang Mai City if off.  The City will have to provide me with a signed release document from the Immigration Dept before I can continue.  I’m glad I went there just to check before I start anything.

But on a good note, Nu is happy in school and getting very good grades so far – we did have to get him a 2 hr. a week tutor for basic math, a Thai teacher so he doesn’t have to learn all the English right now – just the math – that should make it easier and help him to keep up with the rest of his classes and not be held back because of the lack from his earlier schools.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuut the weeks just starting – what can happen next – stay tuned, I’m always surprised, I’m sure you will be too.



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  1. Well, I take time to read a blog or two and see that you are busy with more than you want to be. Nothing like getting woke up early, but not in that way. I’ve not had much time for blogging as you can tell, busy with work and other things. Getting my house ready to sell, car ready to sell, hoping someone will come along soon and buy both of them so I can get things rolling. Still have the faith it will all come together soon. Hope you have less eventful mornings, at least in that way. Talk to you soon

    Thanks Michael Hope you get a buyer soon and get on with the move. I’m sure it will happen as sure as everything has happened so far – if we let it work in it’s own time then it will be accomplished with everyone happy – I am sure that’s God’s Plan and Way.
    As for the attempted break-in – seems my lock system works and gives ample notice – But I have just added a motion detector for each balcony now just to make sure I get a little more warning before another attempt – I am sure that he had discussed this with some of his buddys that come around and I want to make sure THEY don’t try anything in the future.
    But it seems everything comes in thirds – Yesterday morning I had to take Nu to the hospital – chills, slight fever, flu-like sniffles and really upset stomach — sounded like malaria — Thank God just bad food – probably from school.
    Peace – catch you on Skype

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