fang lagoon home stay – revisited

Sawadee Khrap

WOW EXCELLENT, (especially the food) – That sums up my stay at Fang Lagoon -  Khun May, Kla, Aew, and Emy  were wonderful. _MG_3057







I opted for the overnighter package – 3,500 Baht ($100) which included 2 massages, full time escort, four meals (check in lunch, evening dinner, breakfast, check out lunch) and private hut for sleeping.

These guys were great – I was pampered, pampered and PAMPERED.   After the each massage, I was given an outdoor Roman Style bath to remove the oil – lovely – I got a quick shot of them after they finished my shower – what a way to end a massage.

_MG_3116_MG_3069 _MG_3094







But then there is my favorite – FOOD – I have never tasted Thai food as good as what was served here – for example – dinner included:












Tom Ka Kai soup – a blend of galangal, lemongrass, ginger, chicken, banana hearts and other spices in a coconut broth. – Amazing – every item was harvested that afternoon to make the dish – fresh, fresh, fresh – and so tasteful – All the herbs melted in your mouth and everything was editable – everything – even the galangal – which has always been like wood and un-editable – it has a wonderful taste.  Khun Emy is a excellent cook – Wow again – I will be back.

As I said almost all items are grown on the farm – coffee, fruits, herbs, and they also produce their own coconut oil for the massage.









Here the the oil is separating from the milk.

You have to make reservations and try at least a overnighter –


And the country side is so relaxing – farming country – quite evenings – wake to the distant crow of a rooster. Only to be pampered again by your devoted escort. – Just imagine a 3 day stay – tour of the area and local National Park – check out the pricing – you’ll love it.