I have a function God would have me fill.

Sawadee Khrap

I asked for guidance thin morning and this is the result of the “Oracle” link on ACIM.

FORGIVENESS   forgiveness   forgiveness

ACIM Lesson 192  “I Have a  Function God would have mw fill.”

Therefore, you have a function in the world in its own terms.  For who can understand a language far beyond his simple grasp? Forgiveness represents your function here.  It is not God’s creation, for it is the means by which untruth can be undone.  And who would pardon Heaven?  Yet on earth, you need the means to let illusions go.  Creation merely waits for your return to be acknowledged, not to be complete….and continues …..

Who can be born again in Christ but him who has forgiven everyone he sees or thinks of or imagines?  Who could be set free while he imprisons anyone?  A jailer is not free, for he is bound together with his prisoner.  He must be sure that he does not escape, and so he spends his time in keeping watch on him.  The bars that limit him become the world in which his jailer lives, along with him.  And it is on his freedom that the way to liberty depends for both of them.

Therefore, hold no one prisoner.  Release instead of bind, for thus are you made free.  The way is simple.  Every time you feel a stab of anger, realize you hold a sword above your head.  And it will fall or be averted as you choose to be condemned or free.  Thus does each one who seems to tempt you to be angry represent your savior from the prison house of death.  And so you owe him thanks instead of pain.”

God Blesses         Christ Blesses         I NEED ONLY BLESS


Camels are on the horizon

Sawadee Khrap

Thanks Kevin for this greet quote:   SO TRUE, SO TRUE !!!!!    Just look around.

The founder of Dubai, Sheikh Rashid, was asked about the future of his country, and he replied, “My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I ride a Mercedes, my son rides a Land Rover, and my grandson is going to ride a Land Rover…but my great-grandson is going to have to ride a camel again.”

Why is that, he was asked? And his reply was, “Hard times create strong men, strong men create easy times. Easy times create weak men, weak men create difficult times.  Many will not understand it, but you have to raise warriors, not parasites.”

And add to that the historical reality that all great empires…the Persians, the Trojans, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and in later years, the British…all rose and perished within 240 years.

They were not conquered by external enemies; they rotted from within.  America has now passed that 240 year mark, and the rot is starting to be visible and is accelerating. We are past the Mercedes and Land Rover Years….the camels are on the horizon. 

… or perhaps Rickshaws? 

God Blesses     Christ Blesses      I Need Only  Bless


Healing form – yes or no

Sawadee Khrap

I think it was about 1990 when I first met Tony and attended his church in San Francisco, Calif.    I went for almost a year and also went to the first International ACIM Conference at SF.   That conference made a major impact on my attitude toward Christianity and emphasized my acceptance of the teachings of the Course.CMC sermon

Here is a great sermon by  Pastor Tony Ponticello     Titled:   “Too Focused on Form? -or- Just Practicing the Course!”

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