Frank’s Musings

Sawadee Khrap

These are my thoughts after today’s meditation:

To pray for healing of the body is to pray for just another illusion- an illusion of health. But still an illusion. Sickness is a defense against the truth. The underlying judgment, that the body is sick. must be first evaluated as false and let go – Heal first the mind that thinks the body is sick.

And yet any sickness is deigned to cover or camouflage the underlying truth or actual judgment made

1. First I decide that I need defense against SOME truth,
2. then I project sickness as a defense to camouflage the “truth” 
3. then considering the sickness real, I ask for healing of the body.

Not once in this process did I consider the underlying truth or judgment that I thought needed defense against. WHAT, but what truth – ONENESS, I am not separated from God. I am as God Created me. Spirit, not a body, One with ALL. The body and sickness is my Belief, my Judgement, that I am seperate from God. An Illusion.

Healing can only occur if I offer my willingness to allow the holy Spirit into my mind to examine all the judgments I have made and allow HIM to correct the one needed to proceed to healing today. Forgiveness, the correction of faulty judgments, is the function of the Holy Spirit – I NEED DO NOTHING – But be willing to have then corrected. In fact, I can do nothing – I HAVE ESTABLISHED THEM AS MY TRUTH.

I always have to remember that God provides all I need if I but look around. Medicine, although magical in form, is still provided until I can let the Holy Spirit examine and remove the obstacle or judgment that blocks my healing. My Faith assures me that God’s help is always present, I but need to abandon the idea that I know what is best and just surrender my mind to the Holy Spirit’s healing.

I have NO answers, in fact I have NO question, I come with an open mind asking only for the TRUTH to be revealed.


The Gospel–Good News

Sawadee Khrap

Here is my Theology on the meaning of Christ’s Gospel.  A Non-Dualistic view as stated in Genesis 1 of the Bible and taught by Jesus “The Christ”   What did  Jesus mean when He said  “In my Father’s house are many mansions, I go to prepare a place for you”?   Consider::

  • Hindu-Advaita, Vedanta
  • Buddhist – Mahayana,Theravada, Vajrayana
  • Chinese – Taoism
  • Judaism-Kabbalah
  • Islam – Sufism
  • New Age – ACIM,    all all the other non-dualistic schools of every “Religion”

Would be glad to answer any questions. Let me know in the comments.Timeline-Projection-single


ACIM Daily Lesson Workshop Meeting

Sawadee Khrap

I am starting a weekly Tuesday meeting at 7 PM  to 8 PM at Black Canyon Coffee in Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center.  All are invited but the meeting is specific to the daily lesson.  It is not a discussion group.  There will be ample time after the meeting for discussion or debate. Intro-Meetup-Image

If your new to ACIM and want more information – Please come early to the Tuesday meeting and I have prepared a hand-out pack to get you started.   Links for free PDF versions of all material and versions of the “Course”   Studying the “Course” will not cost you any money. – What do you have to lose.


Life Portrait

Sawadee Khrap

In the beginning there was darkness and God said “Let there be light”ACIM-A3-webLarge

This is my model of this world – An illusion, born from an insane thought that something other than God can be of value.   That thought, made real by incomplete judgment and a desire to be special, only in illusion and perception born. I still have a lot of work to do on it – better graphics and  detail – but  it’s a start ——-

You can read the whole Theology “The Gospel According to Frank” as posted here:

ACIM  Chapter 20, Section 6  The Temple of the Holy Spirit –  The meaning of the Son of God lies solely in his relationship with his Creator. If it were elsewhere it would rest on contingency, but there is nothing else. And this is wholly loving and forever. Yet has the Son of God invented an unholy relationship between him and his Father. His real relationship is one of perfect union and unbroken continuity. The one he made is partial, self-centered, broken into fragments and full of fear. The one created by his Father is wholly Self-encompassing and Self-extending. The one he made is wholly self-destructive and self-limiting.

Many try to remove Jesus from the “Course” saying it doesn’t really matter who or what you call GOD.  But to accept the Course is to accept it all and I offer the following to show the relevance of Jesus and his words. ACIM-A3-Jesus-webLargeReligion is another matter.

what are your comments ?


Foreigner – ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’

Sawadee Khrap

I want to knowAs you can readily see from the blog – I study ACIM and this song really sums it up.  There is only “fear” or “love” in this world and the hardest way to see it is in personal relationships, and yet it can be the most beautiful.  I suppose that’s what we all are yearning for. I know I am.          The symbolism with the bean in the video is compelling too.

Click on the image to start the video.


The Gospel according to Frank

Sawadee Khrap

I have finally finished my first draft of “The Gospel (Good News) According to Frank”.  Click on the link to read.

This is my experience, strength and hope and the spiritual theology I believe is true and my path.  I have only included the first 2 Chapters in this release and hope to complete the final chapters in due time.

The unfinished chapters are the supporting data and go into much more detail on each subject.  These are listed in the index although not included here.   As always I would appreciate your comments.