Pattaya Update

Sawadee Khrap

JontiemArrived OK in Pattaya before Christmas – minor problem in Nakhon Sawan with the ignition but otherwise a uneventful trip down.  Thanks for Jerry and the other guys I am temporary located in a great small studio Condo right on Jontiem Beach Rd. Terrific view.  Computer back up and running and decent Internet connection. Not fast but will work for the time being.   Soooooo

MERRY CHRISTMAS  and I’ll post again before New Year with photos.


Painter 12 – Great Program

Sawadee Khrap

Just started to try my hand at painting again – What a great program Corel Painter 12 – The Leading Digital Art Software.


Try it out  – I am sure you will find it is well worth the money – It will open new artistic doors you had only imagined.  Try it first but I am sure you will buy it as I did.

So I tried my hand at a Chalk painting (Drawing) of a photo taken of a old friend of mine in San Francisco. By old I mean several years ago when I lived there – Roughly done and with a single square chalk brush it has started me back to checking out some of my older photos to see which would be a good candidate to turn into a painting.


I am just starting to experiment with its impressive array of brushes, paper textures, paints, oils, watercolors and more and will start producing better projects in the future to show.   Although it’s very crude I hope you enjoy.