Broadcasting from Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Arrived in Chiang Mai today and rented a room for a couple of weeks to check out the  area for my new digs – One neat thing is that the place has a “workout room” with a elliptical and so I get to test one out  – great deal – I want to get one and now I can see if it will actually do what I expect.

The trip up was again a eye opener – Got to the turn off from Hwy 1 to Kamphaeng Phet and threw a alternator belt – way the hell in nowhere – so I stopped at the Gas Station with a 7/ 11 that was right across the Hwy and asked for someone who spoke English – No one – trying to tell them that I need a service guy to fix the car – but then a guy walked in and said he owned a car repair and could help me. – it was RIGHT NEXT DOOR – and had a new belt on in an hour –   No one can tell me there’s NO God.  I was protected the whole trip.IMG_1422IMG_1423

I am sorry to say I saw a terrific accident just past Lamphun on the final long stretch to IMG_1427Chiang Mai – about 10 minuets before this, whoever was driving had tried to pass me on the right side going very fast so I moved over – apparently they tried to pass another and this truck was in the way – I didn’t see how many were hurt – traffic had to keep going but I did capture this shot going by.  My prayers are with them but this is a problem over here – speeding and passing on the right side – dangerous and this is sometimes the result.  

Anyhow  – safe and sound in Chiang Mai and setting up the computer – so back on line.