Comodo Firewall + AntiVirus Free

Sawadee Pee Mai – Happy New Year


Just thought I’d plug the best protection (besides condoms ) I have found for my system. 


Comodo Firewall+AntiVirus for Windows.   They have both 32 and 64 bit versions – Free – and work great.


Get it  – try it – It’s FREE






Photoshop versions

Sawadee Khrap

I though these looked pretty sharp – what do you think?

Shrink WrapWoodCut Version











Shrink Wrapped  ————   Wood Cut   Versions.

Amazing what Photoshop can do – these are standard filters – the possibilities are endless.   I am just starting to play around again and really liked these effects.



Started working in Photoshop again

Sawadee Khrap

CRW_4088-Edit-EditWell I started working in Photoshop again – just a start mind you – but nothing will happen if I don’t start sometime – so I guess this is as good of a time as any. 

 Crude, not very creative – but a start. 

I hope to do more now and in  particular to begin painting with Corel Painter.

Haven’t been searching for new models lately – friends yes but not to photograph – so I think I will start with some old photos and see what I can do.

I didn’t realize it would so difficult to get back into a artistic mood – I had so little in the first place so trying again is actual starting all over.  Using Photoshop is not difficult but creating a pleasing piece of art is a challenge – I hope I can succeed.


Post Club – new gay venue

Sawadee Khrap

A NEW gay bar has opened in Chiang Mai that needs our support – Owner Ton, 2nd from left in staff picture, invites you to his small but “home like” bar and restrurant.

CRW_4063CRW_4071He has some great employees to serve you — left to right,  “M” , Ton Owner) , Nut, and Donut. 

 The staff also includes several other boys not shown in the photo – I took this at opening time 5PM so everyone was not there yet – typical busy time is about 9 PM.  They are located in a University area so have a lots of students stopping by.   In addition you can enjoy the great eye candy, who are walking in the neighborhood, while you have your drink.







So make sure and stop by to say hello and meet the staff.

I know they are anxious to meet you.



Great drinks and a wonderful menu in case you are hungry – that is for food I mean  – not boys  — 

Sorry about the map -I just scanned in their brochure map and added by hand where Adam’s Apple Club and the Garden bar are for reference.   Check it out




SnapixelFn2Thailand I’ve been starting to add my photos to SNAPIXEL – check out my portfolio at

Maybe some will sell – I have not added a lot so far – still not in the mood but working one it – I think I may also load some of the paintings I am working on (actually – WANT to start working on ) here too.

Hope you enjoy – comments definitely help get my incentive back.  And I need all the help I can get.  ha ha