We need underground wiring

Sawadee Khrap

Want to be a “LineMan” here in Jontiem ?   20120810_161448-I don’t envy their profession here.  These guys were installing new optic lines for TrueVision down ThrapPhaya Rd in Jontiem,



I was having a early dinner at “Thai Kitchen” just across the street and just had to get some shots using my cell phone.   20120810_161459


It was about  4PM and 31C / 87F  this day  – not really hot by Thai standards, but not conditions I would want to work in – Even through I had a fan on me, I was still sweating just setting there having dinner.

They were pulling for an entire city block – a lot of cable. When they were finished pulling, they then coiled it into a pile so they could continue the next day. My hats off to you boys – now that’s working.  Can you imagine this wiring mess in San Francisco, or these working conditions – Oh ya, not sure but I think laborers make about 300 Baht a day = $10 US