Dok Kaew Gardens

Sawadee Khrap

Jerry, a friend of mine , living in Dok Kaew Garden assisted living facility on McKean hospital Senior Center grounds showed me this beautiful area near his room.   What a wonderful place to meditate and relax.

This is my    16 x 16 inch digital Acrylic Oil painting.  I’ve told them to keep a room open as I plan to retire there when my roving days are over – probably fairly soon   Lol.


Gnosis vs Orthodoxy

Sawadee Khrap

Below is a link to a great lecture.  But pay close attention to what he is saying and at the end, in part 2, of what he is actually practicing in his daily life.   Gnostics or Orthodoxy – both extreme sides of the same road.     WHICH one is right?     WHAT is the MIDDLE path?

Look, Listen, and do not judge!  See the world as a illusion of separation and specialness  – NOTHING  more and let it go.  NOT as good or evil – those are just judgements, made from my limited perspective, without ALL the facts.     Projections of specialness and separation.       Indeed:

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  (Matthew 7:13)

NOTHING is hidden, NO SECRET ESOTERIC  KNOWLEDGE  –  ALL HAS BEN REVEALED – if I but look around and see through the eyes of Christ Jesus and relinquish all judgments to HIM.

The Lost Gospel of Judas Discussed at RSE Part1,2

God Bless    Ciao

Historical Timeline

Sawadee Khrap

First, this is the best historical timeline I can find so far.  I will refer to it often in my following posts.

  1. Creation world    = 3950 BCE  Tian/Elohim = Heavenly Supreme (Love), Shang Di/Yahweh = Bringer of the law
  2. Tower Babel     = 2520 BC
  3. Noah born    = 2470-1320 BC
  4. Great flood     = 2342 BC   Shinar valley – migration Noah’s Sons – Ham, Japheth, Shem
  5. Chinese writing    = 2330 BC (Yellow Emperor-Huang Di) Shang Di (Chinese) story. (Shem’s prodigy)
  6. Hinduism(India)    = 2300 BC
  7. Emperor Shun    = 2230 BC   Last of the 5 Emperors.
  8. Xia Dynasty    = 2205 BC   Emperor personally preformed Border sacrifice.
  9. Abraham    = 2166 – 1991 BC
  10. Melchizedek     = 2066  BC   Abram tithes King of Salem (thought to be Shem)
  11. Ishmael, Isaac (Jews-Arabs) = 2000 BC
  12. Moses          = 1526 – 1406 BC   Yahweh (Hebrew – Israelites) Oral story.
  13. Altar to Heaven    = 1420 BC  Chinese complex built – no idols – one Supreme God.
  14. Israel mentioned  =    1208 BC  Egyptian – Merneptah Stele
  15. Daoism, Taoism    = 600 BC
  16. Buddhism (India)= 600 BC
  17. Torah         = 600-500 BC – modern scholars, collected during this period.
  18. Confucianism    = 500 BC
  19. Jesus        = 3-4 AD
  20. Buddhism in China = 68 AD
  21. Muhammad Born    = 571 AD

Here are several videos on the Chinese pictograms.

Knowledge of God, Creation and Flood in China’s History and Character writing.

The God and Savior of Ancient China (Shocking!)

The Gospel Message in Chinese Characters

Note: The oral story of the flood, tower, and migration (Genesis) is told  both in both the Chinese Pictograms and Moses Myths. – but they are 750-1000 years apart.  Both cover the time from creation to the confusing of the languages and  scattering of the peoples (tribes).  They call their Gods by different names but everything else seems to be the same.   Both are monotheistic and comply to the same yearly sacrifice to their God – heifer, sheep, unblemished, killed with a spear, burnt at an alter. And both have sin and a SAVIOR  or Redeemer.  Interesting !!! 

I will explore this subject in more detail in future posts.

God Bless    Ciao

“Messiah” on Netflix

Sawadee Khrap

Been watching Netflix’s  “Messiah”.   4 episodes so far and it’s great and keeps you at the edge of your seat.  But one glaring point has to be considered.  Is Jesus -the man, or , The Christ – The Spirit prophesied to return and usher in the new era. 

TV has to use bodies, so the lead is characterized and looks like what is considered the historic Jesus.  But why would He come back in flesh, when He stated “His Kingdom was NOT of this world”?

Jesus said His kingdom is in the heavenly world – Spirit – thought, beyond the material – where all is One.  It’s going to be interesting to see how they develop the message presented. 

They tell you that it’s about a charismatic man who sparks a spiritual movement and political unrest.   A fictional story – or is it?     Who will we follow – the man or the Spirit?   Is the truth revealed EVEN in this series?

God Bless     Ciao

Yale courses on Christianity

Sawadee Khrap

Ask and you shall find:  I am now exploring the Open Yale University Courses available on YouTube:

  1. 2006, Introduction to Old testament (Hebrew Bible) by Professor Christine Hayes    and 
  2. 2009, Introduction to New Testament” by Professor: Dale B. Martin, Woolsey Professor of Religious Studies. . (Note: This course does not look at the texts as scripture but rather as literature available at that time.)

All sessions are complete with resources, sessions in html, and transcripts in html.  I plan to study the material to better  my understanding of formal accepted theology and Christian practices.  

Quickly perusing the course has already given me a several topics I need to explore:

  • Kaufman’s Metadivine Realm vs. Hebrew God
  • Marcion’s teachings in early Christianity.
  • Melchizedek Genealogy.

For example,   Marcion, in approx.  145 CE :

“ It is ironic that perhaps one of the most influential figures in Church history is also one of the most reviled heretics……… taught that the God of the Old was not the God of the New Testament. The God of the Old Testament was the ‘creating God’, but he was a harsh, cruel, and incompetent . Marcion contrasted this creating God with the God of Jesus, who was nothing less than love and grace.”  (Early Christian Writings,P. Kuby)

In his teachings Marcion rejected entirely the Old Testament,  butchered Paul’s letters, and taught that there was ‘secret knowledge’ taught by Jesus to his disciples and only the church few knew. Heresy indeed.

It is interesting to me that his differences noted between the ‘creating’ God of Geneses 1 and the ‘making’ God of Geneses 2 is not fully considered.   Traditionally “God”  becomes the collective of 1 & 2  but with different names to describe his attributes according to later standardized Jewish doctrine.. I believe Marcion saw a glimpse of the truth but was unable to express it in words or ideas and mistaking  threw out the Old Testament.and other basic doctrine which would be considered heresy.  I will explore this in future posts and submit a model of the “Illusion of realty” which I call the Dream of Specialness or Separation, the basic problem.  I believe this is what’s  fully presented in “A Course in Miracles”.   It does not lessen Jesus’s role or doctrine, and explains many of Jesus’s sayings, teachings and commandments.

Since I began this search for the truth, additional information is coming to light that shows that ancient Chinese characters actually tell the same story as  expressed in the Hebrew Bible using a common oral-based tradition.  Where the Hebrew Bible has Elohim – Yahweh,  Chinese have  Tian – Shang Di  I hoping I can bring this all together.

God Bless    Ciao

Nanee’s and The Erotic Garden

Sawadee Khrap

On March 3rd, Simon and I took a quick trip to Mae Rim and visited  2 locations.

At both places we met the owner and artist who developed the attraction.  They are located right next to each other in beautiful Mae Rim valley area.  What a day to relax and meet two wonderful people , each with inspiring stories. – Great places to visit and NOT the usual tourist traps, but unique sites of Unseen Thailand.  Seeing is believing, so I really recommend that you visit them yourself on your next trip here..




Erotic Garden:



My first “couchsurfer”

Sawadee Khrap

Just had my first “Couchsurfer’ stay with me.  He was from Taiwan and spoke excellent English so we had some great conservations.  while he was here we visited the Hmong Hilltribe Village, above Doi Suthep on Doi Pui – below is the picture of him in traditional Hmong clothing.  Excuse the hat, looked more colorful than a normal male black hat – and most will not know the difference, lol.  You can check with earlier posts to see the full images of the village.  

IMG_9091Then we went to see the Buddhist Hell Temple, Wat Si  Don Chai Pa Tung Ngam – Wat Mae Kaet Noi Buddhist Hell in Mae Jo area.  Check out the earlier post on the temples I posted not too long ago for more pictures. 

Great time, I am really glad I joined this group and had the experience of meeting new people (guys of course). I am also a member of the “Queer Couchsurfing” group.   I’ll post more on this subject later.


Medical update–no HBP medicine

Sawadee Khrap

I have finally weaned myself off all prescription drugs.  I do take one caplet of “Himalaya Brand” Ashwagandha every weekday but not on weekends. and continue to take some Vitamin D3 and B complex daily just to round out my diet.  For the fist time in many months I am very clear-headed, feel normal and my eyesight is good.  Blood test show kidney function the best in 2 years and improving.  ED slowly disappearing, but still I still need a little help from a 1/4 dose of Viagra.

BP is stable at average 150/75  and slowly lowering as I maintain a meat free diet, heavy in vegetables and fruits with Juicing a mixture of spinach, carrot, celery, and apple every day.  I do start off each morning with a glass of water and fresh lemon juice plus  a 1 egg omelet, made with onions, carrot and garlic and herbs including Himalayan Sea Salt.  Generally, I try to eat a fruit salad for lunch and vegetables with rice for dinner.  Of prime importance is drinking at least 7 glasses of water daily.  Every other glass I add a pinch of Sea Salt.

Two Doctors that have really opened my eyes and brought me success are     Dr John Bergman    and    Barbara ONeil.    Check out their YouTube videos on a full range of health topics – their grasp of disease is spot on – and their methods for obtaining full health are amazingly simple and WORK !.  At least so far for me – stay tuned for future updates.  I’ll explain more on the next installment.





It’s been a week so far and I feel terrific.