Nanee’s and The Erotic Garden

Sawadee Khrap

On March 3rd, Simon and I took a quick trip to Mae Rim and visited  2 locations.

At both places we met the owner and artist who developed the attraction.  They are located right next to each other in beautiful Mae Rim valley area.  What a day to relax and meet two wonderful people , each with inspiring stories. – Great places to visit and NOT the usual tourist traps, but unique sites of Unseen Thailand.  Seeing is believing, so I really recommend that you visit them yourself on your next trip here..




Erotic Garden:



My first “couchsurfer”

Sawadee Khrap

Just had my first “Couchsurfer’ stay with me.  He was from Taiwan and spoke excellent English so we had some great conservations.  while he was here we visited the Hmong Hilltribe Village, above Doi Suthep on Doi Pui – below is the picture of him in traditional Hmong clothing.  Excuse the hat, looked more colorful than a normal male black hat – and most will not know the difference, lol.  You can check with earlier posts to see the full images of the village.  

IMG_9091Then we went to see the Buddhist Hell Temple, Wat Si  Don Chai Pa Tung Ngam – Wat Mae Kaet Noi Buddhist Hell in Mae Jo area.  Check out the earlier post on the temples I posted not too long ago for more pictures. 

Great time, I am really glad I joined this group and had the experience of meeting new people (guys of course). I am also a member of the “Queer Couchsurfing” group.   I’ll post more on this subject later.


Medical update–no HBP medicine

Sawadee Khrap

I have finally weaned myself off all prescription drugs.  I do take one caplet of “Himalaya Brand” Ashwagandha every weekday but not on weekends. and continue to take some Vitamin D3 and B complex daily just to round out my diet.  For the fist time in many months I am very clear-headed, feel normal and my eyesight is good.  Blood test show kidney function the best in 2 years and improving.  ED slowly disappearing, but still I still need a little help from a 1/4 dose of Viagra.

BP is stable at average 150/75  and slowly lowering as I maintain a meat free diet, heavy in vegetables and fruits with Juicing a mixture of spinach, carrot, celery, and apple every day.  I do start off each morning with a glass of water and fresh lemon juice plus  a 1 egg omelet, made with onions, carrot and garlic and herbs including Himalayan Sea Salt.  Generally, I try to eat a fruit salad for lunch and vegetables with rice for dinner.  Of prime importance is drinking at least 7 glasses of water daily.  Every other glass I add a pinch of Sea Salt.

Two Doctors that have really opened my eyes and brought me success are     Dr John Bergman    and    Barbara ONeil.    Check out their YouTube videos on a full range of health topics – their grasp of disease is spot on – and their methods for obtaining full health are amazingly simple and WORK !.  At least so far for me – stay tuned for future updates.  I’ll explain more on the next installment.





It’s been a week so far and I feel terrific.

Great accomplishment

Sawadee Khrap

I just have to post congratulations to Team, who just 1524546134933got back from the US , he set up a trip to visit a Professor he met at a Toxicology Conference in  1524546108536China last year.   The Professor  works at Beth Israel Hospital in the Nephrology Dept. (Kidney Transplant Section) in Boston.  Team obtained his 10yr. -US VISA and arranged to visit the Professor for 2 weeks at the hospital.  Quite a accomplishment. kidney brochure  Although we are not together anymore – I sincerely wish him all the best in the future and I am sure he is capable and will be a ultimate success in what ever path he chooses to follow – at the present time he is working on completing his theses for his Master’s Degree in Toxicology at CMU.

Ashwagandha–it seems to be working

Sawadee Khrap

6Continuing my health saga and research.  I tried to take Ginkgo Bilbao, it did amazing well – helped the Glaucoma and circulation in my legs – BUT, I am apparently allergic to it – developed a large skin rash and it was getting worse at each dose.  Damn, works but cannot take it.    Himalaya Ashwagandha from iHerbs to the rescue.  Even my kidney Doctor was surprised and is researching the herb himself.  I have been taking a capsule a day for 3 weeks now and seem to  have better vision and the circulation in my legs is amazing.  All walking pain is gone.  In addition, I have been able to stop taking Olmersartan for HBP and my BP is running about 140/70.  I continue to take Madiplot, 10mg morning and evening, but soon I may be able to stop that with proper food consumption.   I have also noted that my blood test have show that my urine is very acidic.  That indicates that my diet needs to be change to a more neutral one – increasing vegetables and fruits while cutting down on carbs and protein.  This will also help the kidneys function.   So in addition to the diet change, I have also started on taking 2 tbsp. (garlic-apple cider vinegar- honey-lemon) mixture each morning before  I take my meds and during the day drinking a glass of lemon aid each day in the afternoon.   Now I need to get some pH papers to pee on to test alkalinity.  The garlic-apple cider vinegar mixture is also supposed to clear out blocked arteries and reduce BP – we will see but so far it seems to be doing something and my BP is coming down.  Hopefully I can eliminate the Madiplot and that will make me Pharma drugs free – just taking natural foods.   More to come.