Our new Sims 2 family

Sawadee Khrap

Wow its been a long time since I posted – busy busy busy and nothing getting done. 

For the last week Nu has been completely engrossed in “The Sims 2” game.  We added the full game and he is learning how to run it.  What a game – build a neighborhood, family, and community and then take care of them all – amazing graphics and action.  Sims have to eat, sleep, have aspirations, and personalities, use toilet and make babies – which cry all night and have to grow up – so realistic – it’s amazing.  It will even allow gay relationships – adopt a baby too.  We added a “Erotic Dreams” expansion pack which we found on the web and that opened up new possibilities.   

 Now the Sims can get hard-ons and the Sims can also view XXX movies on their television, it comes with a lesbian movie but you can add your own – I’ll need to set it up with some gay ones too – but this is a Russian hack we found and has a lot of Russian language in it making it hard to use – looking for a English version now.

The game is also capable of making movies of the action to put on DVD’s  –  then I should be able to make some images to post on the blog.  It looks like this will become a regular part of our life – Nu can’t wait to sit down at the computer and to really play the game he will need to better his English to read the commands and guide the Sims as he wants – so a great teaching aid as well.  But I do have to put a limit on game time – he has spent up to 13 hr on it one day —– Damn it’s my computer and I can’t get to it –