Sattahip Navel Base Beach

Sawadee Khrap



And if you really want a very, very clean beach and water to swim in go down to Sattahip Navel Base and their beach area – there is a charge  Farang-80, Thai-30 but well worth it.




That’s my friend “Nai” walking on the beach, we went down for a afternoon and had a great time.  Of course I didn’t swim – maybe next time, the sand and water is really clear and clean – excellent for swim.






Don’s little girls

Sawadee Khrap



Fellow x-pat “Don” has these lovely Australian sugar gliders or flying squirrels as pets  – Thought you would like to see them – he carries them to the beach in a small towel pouch – I’ll get some more shots later – enjoy.

_MG_8667 _MG_8675







Jomtiem Beach area–daily eye exercise

Sawadee Khrap



Here are some shots of the local hangouts – first off the beach – just a lazy day relaxing at the beach – 30 Baht for a chair rental , and watch the boys go by.  That’s Jerry below.











Oliver and his friend and a very cute young man who stopped by – also here are some of the best eating and drinking spots at Jomtiem. 


_MG_8654 _MG_8653







And if you need a haircut  – see Jin at KK – just up the street from


the 7-11   can’t miss it.




Pattaya–Sawadee Pee Mai

Sawadee Khrap 





Happy New Year

Here is a general shot of the Jomtiem Area of Pattaya.  I am staying until high-season is over at the Jomtiem Beach Condo at the lower left.  The gay beach area is up by the Jomtiem Complex and Sunee Plaza ( twinks ) and Boy’s Town (macho-beefy boys) are closer to Walking Street in the center left.  I also show the Alcazar and Tiffany – Ladyboy Cabaret shows. I will start posting about local businesses, venues, clubs, etc.  and point out the best values in Pattaya.